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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
LolClient.exe has stopped working CheezyName hamster113 2 299
Karthus doesn't get the effect of certain items upon death poronyan poronyan 0 164
at 100 points but it doesnt say im up for promotion teflon shawn teflon shawn 0 141
Failing to select champion bug Raplesyrup1 Raplesyrup1 0 133
Disconnecting Riot pls yusukui yusukui 0 154
Game Minimap and FOV Displays poorly at retina resolutions Maxmike onameterasu 1 237
Yi alpha strike vs Cass ult Noctis72 Commando Yi 3 298
League crashing while in ranked champion select. HwXz xNinJa LovesToSmurf69 5 221
Friend shows up as lvl 75 saintregacky SparkleDiva 1 204
League point gain Exmortis Nexttoradio 2 234
Rune Combiner Captain Nexus Captain Nexus 0 162
Mordekaiser Ult Bug reapermech reapermech 0 179
Voli Q not working as intended Limon007 Limon007 2 264
Vi Q+E bug Mage Lord Nelber Mage Lord Nelber 1 197
Malzahar Ultimate skill bug PalyBear PalyBear 0 202
found a bug Sinderalla Sinderalla 0 156
Turret laser beam glitch SykoG RottedApples 1 265
bad broken game.... Cyong RottedApples 1 234
xp boost bigchebone bigchebone 0 189
Banshee's Veil Statistics Drizzt Strife Drizzt Strife 0 189
Ryze, Banshee's Veil,and Jayce Bug OaGi OaGi 0 195
Patch Bug - Loss of User Preferences Aeon Psych Aeon Psych 0 442
Renekton's Slice and Dice stardweller Hexx71 1 227
Skype screen share messes up FPS on league TROLLER Emporer TROLLER Emporer 2 886
[Critical] Game crash after champ select Xnot Xnot 0 226
[Game Breaking] Frozen Champion Select Trading Monkey3030 Monkey3030 0 187
Gragas Barrels On Howling Abyss LUS Montplaisir XxMLG420NoScopeX 3 263
The Hunt Is On Glitch Kha'Zix Always Wins Requi3m Toxicity Requi3m Toxicity 0 199
Inhibitors don't take full damage Suscipio Toji Majia 1 303
Client crashes on any map not Summoners Rift BestGenitaliaNA Toji Majia 2 439
Possible Syndra bug? Velmus Toji Majia 1 335
Vi ult vs Master Yi kojeek Toji Majia 2 1745
A couple glitches with Leblanc luketwo Toji Majia 2 207
[Game-Minor] Yi slowed during ult gamezzs Toji Majia 1 178
Couldn't stun Valor? Meowing Dog Lxucxy 1 179
Cassiopeia Twin Fang Reset Gilzam purple kaky 1 196
Client crashing after queue Meowlly Meowlly 0 152
Master Yi Bug or Intended? andrewpk95 purple kaky 2 242
I can see what people buy before having them in sight purple kaky purple kaky 0 142
thanks for the dcs riot angur2 angur2 2 282
Item smartcast doesn't work Dakuda330 Dakuda330 2 671
Jaxx dodge bug with udyr ChickenAnlyst XxMLG420NoScopeX 1 248
Bug- Ahri ultimate movement not working Thornsofmisery Thornsofmisery 0 273
extreme lag flickyourbic87 DoXs 1 146
Yi ZsinjV3 ZsinjV3 0 153
Twisted Treeline Trinity Force Bug? TheNeXShAdO Mehh3 1 201
AI Script Bug: Zac's Passive blobs not attacked. MightySon Frightning 1 288
Glitch with Heimerdinger Turrets and Large CD SSLRranma SSLRranma 0 200
Perma Valor form for Quinn in Dominion UtvaraHellkite UtvaraHellkite 2 384
0 Point ? xXrudalXx xXrudalXx 0 180