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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 215,542
Launcher Blackout/ Item bugs. Seyeui by Seyeui 0 67
Strange math shown with scaling mana regen glyphs and seals. Riot, fix this please. Dalewyn by Dalewyn 0 66
Unable to ban or select champ Hatteras by Hatteras 0 47
Bug Splats Every Two Games canopy by canopy 0 62
Game Launcher Not Loading Tharmora by Tharmora 0 65
Hiemer bugged in ascension like Yorrick BTico by BTico 0 88
Gold Gen Items on Ascencion BlackStar747 by BlackStar747 0 74
Disconnected from during champ select LordKalaway by Versace Pirate 2 75
Severe vision bug ImLordSalt by geowrian 1 65
Shen's E chat bug & notification blue square Cyvia by geowrian 1 75
Spectate's finally back, but vision is messed up... geowrian by geowrian 0 94
Ascension Scoring Bug IWasSnow by IWasSnow 4 162
getting in to game messing up Trenton minear by Trenton minear 1 59
Asecnsion Rewards question and or bug   ( 1 2) Fugglenuts by SuperTaster 14 256
No rewards from Ascension? Deathwithagrin by Deathwithagrin 1 54
[Major] Sivir's Spell Shield doesn't stack with Banshee's Veil HeWhoSpectates by nigel3 4 639
Screen won't scroll Stratus by Physh 8 22,571
Cursor GoldieV2 by Napping Buddha 1 38
Rune Combiner still broken   ( 1 2) Nenharm by Jojobees 13 1,632
Disoriented mermaid RainbowWhooves by RainbowWhooves 0 34
Kayle's W Velociraptured by Velociraptured 0 32
Ascention Death Passive Bug ChakatSilvermane by Tumeden 1 63
Shaco Box Ascension steal gone wrong Thejewishpeople by Naaame 1 145
Not entering champ select on Twisted Treeline normals FatalElement by RedIsildur 1 56
LOL keeps on freezing DRTMaster by DRTMaster 0 40
Black Screen During Champ Select M T Mindtaker by M T Mindtaker 0 48
Black Screen when Entering Game DHMG by ZeroG1337 8 9,882
Cassiopeia E resetting to .7 seconds momodomes by momodomes 0 63
Karthus/Teemo Bugged On Ascension Tumeden by Tumeden 0 112
As Vi, couldn't activate my Q after Ascending Dayleryn by Kidagakashe 3 88
Red Trinket Bugged WoodenIncubus by WoodenIncubus 5 167
Project Yasuo Visual bug Katdragonn by Katdragonn 0 72
Cant Pick champions Best Kat North by Best Kat North 1 26
Regarding the rules of ranked. Atl4ss by Atl4ss 0 80
Fiora ulti bug iHuggle by iHuggle 0 34
Champion select bug Kakekid by f3zz1k 3 98
"Update Failed- Unspecified Error Occurred, Please Check Logs For More Information" InfestedJesus by Gaz Blackheart 1 321
bug during ascension champ select Jiarshiin by Jiarshiin 0 43
Renekton AA lags causing ruthless predator to strike after being out of reach f3zz1k by f3zz1k 0 28
Sweeper Trinket (RED TRINKET) indicator bug Arctic Wolf by Arctic Wolf 0 31
SHURIMAN MASTER Icon Failed WafflesTheEpic by Arctic Wolf 3 85
graves skin not working evonreaper by evonreaper 0 21
OSX beachball of doom in champ select who is ayn rand by who is ayn rand 0 27
Since Nid is the hot topic today, lets talk spears DN Frosty by DN Frosty 0 34
Ahri's Q sometimes doesn't deal damage on return to minions Kitsune no Hime by Kitsune no Hime 0 31
Delay in game chat PeaChi84 by PeaChi84 0 21
Champion selection was bugged, i can't login again!!!!!!! ATHENAINFINITE by f3zz1k 1 42
Waiting for Connection to Server.... Bug? (Probably one of the many) Cyan Eight by f3zz1k 1 45
disconected during champ select Archil√łn by f3zz1k 1 29
[kind of a critical bug]: Reconnecting not possible without restarting client. IS1330ca164c1e976181edd by IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 3 85