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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Karthus passive just didn't exist? Aeroberek Radiant Stag 1 148
Game Crashed but I can start another one LivingIsland LivingIsland 0 123
Fiddlesticks' "Dark Wind" vs. spell shield.. SeiferXD SeiferXD 0 126
Lag much? Prinplup Prinplup 0 115
Quinn W passive Thanatos Emporos Thanatos Emporos 0 128
Pacified Double Golems on Purple Dustinsanity Dustinsanity 0 132
Ward bug near baron Foven Foven 0 166
OFA counting as ranked only when in promotions series??? xX3GGNOGxD3MONXx xX3GGNOGxD3MONXx 0 141
Tristana's E bug hasn't been fixed yet, not even in the patch notes Darkiller05 Darkiller05 0 127
Thresh + Relic Shield Bug Spiritc Spiritc 3 310
Constant Chat Restriction's After Relog IIx Seiryu xII IIx Seiryu xII 0 206
Quinn Q bug Wolfyrn Wolfyrn 0 143
Miss Fortune W cooldown Mystgan Mystgan 0 137
Free Battle Boost Ip Firstcast Firstcast 2 238
Can't buy any champions  ( 1 2 ) Senior Tacos Ziggyninja 16 5878
Skins not choosing the right Skin Chilled Nova Chilled Nova 0 115
Rumble Q Bug Riot plz fix KurSeDConDoM Wuju Yi 5
Riot Post
rune page limit j j Phil Stone 2 153
Items and Champions on Website Muffin Puffer Muffin Puffer 0 84
Quinn's Passive Mark with Yasuo's Windwall bug MeetHarry MeetHarry 0 174
Can't see champions on ban/pick screen Caress Me Gently Caress Me Gently 0 153
Client doesn't show up when a match is found. H4CK4RT H4CK4RT 0 113
Vi's R stopped working. Vigopl j j 1 133
Varus q bug farastyle ghostsick 1 298
Warwick's Bloodscent(E) bug VR Botalz Firefang Warwick 1 337
Can not connect to chat. Bottom of my home page just says "logging onto chat service" bunnzii bunnzii 0 295
Karthus passive bug triggered by Yorick--Riot PLEASE Acknowledge this! Aiwendil Aiwendil 0 613
Game has crashed, please try to reconnect. ToxicFantasy24 UndoubtedPanda 5 670
River Spirit Nami(Ult Bug) Ryuush1n Ryuush1n 0 227
Zac's E not working Moar Noob Than U Moar Noob Than U 0 192
Akali TasogareReiken TasogareReiken 0 173
Spellthief's edge VS darius' bleed QUIKGROOOOPInJ skunkray 1 223
spellthiefs edge not working on yoricks gouls skunkray skunkray 0 198
Hecarim Bug: Devastating Charge reduces AS Swippinfrafes Swippinfrafes 0 191
Revive bug!!! timeboss timeboss 0 197
Firewall error and can't reconnect Kstaraga Kstaraga 0 227
Entire game crashes, no loss prevented. Futureperfect Futureperfect 0 217
Fps drop and lag spikes for the pass 2 days Khool Khidd Khool Khidd 0 197
Karthus Passive Bug Rental Pjs SirFluffz 7 607
Ferral Flare stacks resetting. Identical64 Identical64 0 174
Xerath Bug Illistik Illistik 0 198
Yorick image giving kill Lord Gator Lord Gator 0 198
River spirit nami purchase bug Zerana Zerana 1 240
Champion Name Bug Pointsettia XxBattleMasterxX 1 264
No available invites, 2 open slots Callka Callka 7
Riot Post
LeaverBuster SmokeForce SmokeForce 0 206
One for All Champion Voting Kagoth Kagoth 0 213
random game freezes ahsaya ahsaya 0 252