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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Kat 'w' sometimes not reset on kill or assist WatDaWat Kretzer 1 303
Item shop making the game freeze Professoar Professoar 0 341
Vladimir not gaining bonus health correctly in ARAM mod lVledusa Moar Vlad 1 550
Dark Crystal Ryze bug Sergeant Dark XenGaming 7
Riot Post
Community request test Gumurak Gumurak 0 204
Retarded KYLUH Gumurak 4 345
Bug? - Wukong's name in spectator lobby Mavs Mavs 0 235
Rengar's Bonetooth Necklace bugged Donald DeCooman Donald DeCooman 0 416
Rengar Ult with Guardian Angel Emperata FossaFerox 1 403
Bug - Current Lvl Reset Slavourer Slavourer 1 243
Bug - Crash on loading screen after champ selection Pantocas Vitamin Garrett 8 1424
damage from rengar Exodium92 Exodium92 0 185
Nautilus passive bug Flangaran Flangaran 2 468
'Load Game' screen hangs if someone disconnects Llann Llann 1 345
Black screen AlejoTheBear AlejoTheBear 0 269
Olaf's Ultimate Bug Critticus Critticus 3 429
[Bug] Game Name Not Unique + Enter Key Mandaari Mandaari 0 447
Viewing Champions in Home Screen JooMancer JooMancer 0 201
[Major] Draven and wall bug dafedidi dafedidi 0 227
Gold bug Khyphenris Khyphenris 0 260
Sivir's aa bug snysly snysly 0 194
fix champion select chat Varghul Varghul 0 268
Rengar's invis Bill the cat20 Bill the cat20 0 243
Not sure if Bug -- Varus Ultimate Purplie Purplie 0 209
BUG of Blitz crank's grab KavalryMaster KavalryMaster 0 198
Store is messed up again... Nom Nom Burns Dannamoth 2
Riot Post
DC from a game, have to update patch before rejoining? JooMancer Lusex 1 225
Wukong Decoy Bug PiplupFtw PiplupFtw 0 253
Bug Splat with Rengar Exze Exze 0 313
Puslefire Ezreal Minion Glitch UJustGotLearned UJustGotLearned 2 357
Auto attack Bug Mo00se Mo00se 0 194
Rengar - Bonetooth Necklace Bug? Viralion UncleanPuppy 1 301
mundo ult not summed for healing done Gesun Dheit Gesun Dheit 0 176
I hope you cancel random champions system for AFK player at champions select. what03 Ulfang69 2 241
Bug or not? PaG Sinnar Ulfang69 2 206
Nunu Ult/Brush Bug OP Destony Ulfang69 4 497
Ashe's Slow ignores Teemo's Blind Every1HatesMerck Ulfang69 1 304
Friends List Seuss Kino4500 5 482
Rengar's Q ASYLUM101 Vacus 2
Riot Post
Confirmed Bug and Cause: Crash at end game by pressing tab OptiMaLL OptiMaLL 0 365
Stuck in base on all maps LoveSodivine LoveSodivine 0 171
Bug - Malzahar ultimate against Sivir Keldoun Keldoun 1 274
What is the deal with the split wins on SR/TT? Henry Plainview Henry Plainview 0 157
My game kept glitching so I uninstalled it, now I can't reinstall... hyolarious hyolarious 0 200
Lux's animations are inconsistent [and a side not on Fizz] MaxChaotic MaxChaotic 1 212
Ramus Heath Bar Bug rjm3 rjm3 0 185
Ezreal Arcane Shift out of mid-pull Blitzcrank Rocket Grab Ploomstar Lusex 5 1974
Match Starts Immediately LamestOne LamestOne 0 226
AI Stealth Detection Problems Absolute2 Absolute2 0 180
Game Dodge Penalty Bug Kalenda Kalenda 0 162