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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
New Bug Shop After tomorrow patch CrAsHd0wN Jsteel89 9
Riot Post
Chat service Fushhy Fushhy 0 214
Jayce Animations Lighte Commandp 3 618
Zyra's passive is still bugged 3mptylord 3mptylord 0 210
close the bugs King 0v Hell King 0v Hell 0 184
Soraka's Ult not granting assists Wild Panic Certainlyt 3
Riot Post
Minor Bug with team kill counts morford56 morford56 0 198
I been banned cuz you guys are so lazy Cyicecream Ulaenyth 1 214
Game does not load PeacefullyEvil Ulaenyth 1 267
Getting a black screen at the champion loading screen. Jcvx Ulaenyth 2 276
Never reconnected, now game is missing? ZerosFangs ZerosFangs 0 219
I cant play the game thanks to your update........................................... Zerkinmelee JastheCarpenter 6 339
Master Yi not getting stunned by Crescendo nnimrod nnimrod 0 293
Rengar E Sastake Gorthander 1 297
@Riot: Rengar Bug? IcyTor44 Gorthander 1 289
Riot Girl Tristana issue Spiration Spiration 0 227
After ranked queue dodge, sat waiting for a matchup over 7 minutes. apost apost 0 449
Framerate issues after Rengar patch Incrusio KarmicKitten 3 550
Ezreal's Q Ipushbuttansnow Ipushbuttansnow 0 228
rengar brush unresponsive unhai unhai 0 203
Sound bug (Rengar) Daharahj GrowlyWog 1 220
Minimap FLIP Bug Aceyy Aceyy 0 299
I just had a bug with Rengar where I could not move after i jumped to someone hellinhevin Lyrdian 1 202
Bug - Rengar vs. teemo mushroom in bush deadmonkeylee Lyrdian 1 443
Forum bug? Kazhang Kazhang 2 205
Penta Glitch The Gee The Gee 0 183
In Game Reply Bug Awesuma Awesuma 0 180
Speed Hack? Kynsar gr8job 6 781
Jarvan and Diana SystemsChaos SystemsChaos 0 212
Ban unjust Lord Apocalipsis Lord Apocalipsis 3 379
League of Legends - Nidalee Team Damage Bug Revvy Revvy 4 373
Bug - Mundo's Infected Cleaver traveling right through enemy units mike332 mike332 0 355
rengar tooltip bug SlammerPanda SlammerPanda 0 182
Riot, Please help PopTrunk PopTrunk 0 177
People cant spectate my games. Lunatikxz Lunatikxz 0 181
D/C > Patch Update (Leaver Status) Nerotiic Baryldn 1 210
Friends list not updating correct in game champion Switchsquatch Switchsquatch 0 229
Warwick's Blood Scent and Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt Ophirr Koutsy 1 354
Black Screen DerSchaefer ProblemBroseph 2 208
Dodging a ranked game stops your elo decaying  ( 1 2 ) Cornwillis Kazhang 11 2753
new report a bug with teemo MayCry999 MayCry999 0 194
Everyone on team unable to move for 5 seconds at a time psych00range psych00range 0 184
Jayce Shock Blast Through Gate TheBlueAvenger TheBlueAvenger 0 266
Kog void ooze bug. TehOkami TehOkami 1 191
Vladimir Pool Vs Le Blanc Chains Runefauzt Nishac 5 590
Savagery isn't applying to Unseen Predator (Thrill Of The Hunt) 3mptylord 3mptylord 1 299
Fountain Turret doesn't Autotarget Champs Smedium Smedium 0 216
Lux laser hitbox bug I dont even LoL I dont even LoL 0 345
Bonetooth Necklace display bug Olek Skilgannon Lusex 1 215
Minor visual bug on Champions tab [easy to replicate] Aeb Lincoln deathbyzevil 1 380