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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
i got dissconnected out of no reason because it was alright from my side rick111993 rick111993 0 140
Lucian and Runaan's Hurricane JaeTheMan JaeTheMan 0 425
Varus Q Bug lmnorrell99 lmnorrell99 4 205
Game Freezes every game Log Cabin Log Cabin 2 176
Spamming Wards Causes a Crash Keane Keane 0 144
Your Group Has Been Disbanded Malicious Fury Malicious Fury 2 441
League wont pop up Wizardwizkid Wizardwizkid 0 143
Dear Riot, found a typo (Seeker's Armguard) HighleWelt lmnorrell99 1 160
Blue Buff Vanishing With Sweeper Trinket Kao Atlantis Kao Atlantis 0 149
my game keeps freezing durning champ select......its a pain HELP!!!! Shev felgrand Shev felgrand 0 155
Renekton health bar DarkHawks DarkHawks 0 149
My internet crashes whenever i play lol  ( 1 2 3 ) Minutemade The Tyrant 26 12759
Lagged out for first 24 minutes of promo game Thee mono Thee mono 0 115
Doom bots queue inhenceCC06 PacManTheSoul 5
Riot Post
Gragas Orianna Bug Chewwy Chewwy 0 125
Anivia killed by a FRIENDLY tower MyStickyPants Ciel Étoilé 6 501
Game crashed at the end, game not recorded! jkwok15 Torcer 5 183
Patch 4.12 Error SonOfABirch Likelovinmik 4 806
Disfunctional Q for Vi? SkarletHart SkarletHart 0 133
Client crashing after every game. Nerviris BobbidyB00 4 293
Didn't level with max xp (pic) Jibberwackey Jibberwackey 0 148
dont use this DeathStricker101 DeathStricker101 1 137
Intro mode bugs or glitches... DeathStricker101 DeathStricker101 1 154
4.12 Bug List Rhyseon DeathStricker101 4 493
refer a friend hephaistos17 hephaistos17 0 141
Sakura Karma has an incorrect VO line while playing Doom Bots OnlyJohnHere TheLionKING1st 4 373
Bug on Xerath Q Skill Soulbre4ker Soulbre4ker 0 268
Can't connect to game lobby The Inspectre The Inspectre 0 232
About the new icon of doom bots JadeTea JadeTea 0 237
A Small Collection of Discovered Bugs (4.12 First Release) Vorziren Vorziren 0 207
Varus Q broken (Game breaking) MrZ3R0FR34K MrZ3R0FR34K 0 198
Typo in Doom Fiddle skill description Korosei Korosei 0 198
Tiamat Won't Cast After Refunding Ravenous Hydra LegitosaurusRex LegitosaurusRex 0 170
[BUG]Winning game didnt count JJpower JJpower 1 221
Garen Ult While Dead in GA Bochdigity Bochdigity 0 182
Xerath Q stops working Punklit Punklit 0 172
Ranked queue dodge at Diamond 1 Retrubtion Retrubtion 0 205
Aatrox Disappearing Act VIDEO PROOF ImNotGoku ImNotGoku 1 707
Ping issues? Arctic77 Arctic77 1 183
4.12 Karma voice. Jakojo OnlyJohnHere 3 353
Game crashes at the end of a match Gacku Gacku 0 177
Reporting Doom Bots for AFKing Sellestara Sellestara 0 212
Malzahar Malefic Visions doesnt bounce when karthus dies Arkadl Arkadl 0 238
unspecified error bug gnardog gnardog 0 175
new patch TrItRoX TrItRoX 0 169
Cannot connect to server Prayformercy Torcer 1 231
Patcher splash art problem Sum Zhan Sum Zhan 0 173
Sunfire Damage Bug (Rito plz) MickeyMouse716 MickeyMouse716 0 217
Can dowload LOL again! Amy of the tofu Amy of the tofu 0 206
Doom Bots III not unlocked after Doom Bots II Woopeehole Pointy Rock 3 355