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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Looking for TheRaven GoD FoRSaKeN 1 372
Looking for a team (That isn't completely awful) Han Tzu GoD FoRSaKeN 1 734
fallen angels shadowbeeze shadowbeeze 0 381
Clanning? Hammock TheRaven 1 402
looking for a competitive clan/team for season 1 Molsons Molsons 0 399
LF Clan, I have odd playtimes Monnok GoD FoRSaKeN 2 376
Lf clan/team i guess Cheese Cheese 0 393
Looking for a mature LoL group. gate83 QQBABY 1 459
Looking for Competitive but Mature, Casual/Fun Clan Somi QQBABY 1 562
Tired of soloing Godsrequiem Yeorwned 1 503
Veteran Dota player looks for CLAN/Premade EVILTeddy LameLikeMike 5 1046
24/M/West Coast Seeking Mature Pros HackerJacks GoD FoRSaKeN 1 581
Semi-Casual Dood LF Clan /w Vent Pocky Snacks GoD FoRSaKeN 4 590
LF Group/Clan: Level 10 3:2 W:L Ratio w/ Vent TheSacrifice TheSacrifice 0 446
WTB/LF a Team of Competent players gantonski gantonski 2 442
A player looking for regualr team ZeeManBear GoD FoRSaKeN 2 376
Two players looking to join a team. korviss GoD FoRSaKeN 9 647
Have vent want clan gundog GoD FoRSaKeN 5 688
New player with vent kadiev GoD FoRSaKeN 2 523
Looking for a Clan/Team to join up with QuixoticOne Plus 3 489
Serious Groups Only Naymek Plus 1 454
LF Clan <<<CLICK>>> Awesomus Veridic 2 510
LF Pro/Competitive Team Zhuster69 Zhuster69 0 464
LF a team or a grp of people w0oDy w0oDy 0 349
SEA clan though.... Shulduar Shulduar 1 507
Looking for a team Cosmic Power Grocku 2 505
LF non-fail clan Glorianos Unifizz 3 509
Composing a New highly competitive clan! Sentras Bleak 4 635
Clan In Teh Bushes Heoga Heoga 0 433
2 friends LFClan - Serious/Casual Bloodba7h Grocku 2 490
Looking for team ! Kickass gamer SaiBot SaiBot 0 776