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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
D5 (season 3) support looking for duo queue partner. Shave My Kiwis Shave My Kiwis 0 48
Plat-Diamond level bot lane looking for team TahsRealm TahsRealm 3 66
Victory Gaming - Season 4 Ranked 5s Team XephosBrindley Deathofaprophet 8 191
looking for a sub top A Tatertot A Tatertot 0 47
Looking for a serious Duo Partner Handsome Hobo Ullrgodofthehunt 1 78
LF casual players of aram/blind pick j j j j 2 98
S3 (Gold V), S4 (Silver I). Support Main. I Am Waifu xProMo 2 107
xDANKEY KANGx is recruiting a gold+ top laner V3rcius TahsRealm 4 87
Gold-Plat support looking for 5s TahsRealm TahsRealm 0 33
Plat stream !!!! CognitionX CognitionX 0 38
New Team"Bronze" Giya1 Deathofaprophet 2 158
Female D1 looking for female players! Miss Mousie Sawgy Noodle 1 103
Team Downpour Recruiting for S4 Novadrake Novadrake 0 58
Silver 1 Support looking for team Masz Masz 7 164
LF Silver+ ADC 5v5 now Rhare Rhare 0 42
Gold Support/Top/Mid LF Serious Team SteelReign SteelReign 2 52
diamond 1 support look for team RS Ravenzor RS Ravenzor 0 43
Need a top laner Adubodu Adubodu 0 48
diamond 1 support look for team RS Ravenzor RS Ravenzor 0 58
silver looking for coaching/team NydusYourMom Mejdi 1 48
s3 Gold adc lf support Dark Knight Jax Dark Knight Jax 0 53
LF>ADC to Duo bot lane with MadHattery Dark Knight Jax 1 51
LF smurf team:) lvl 15 NotSoCooI NotSoCooI 7 90
LF top, mid and jungler serious team.  ( 1 2 ) lilwiz2851 RedThrone 14 333
Silver player looking for a team! Jshotspecialist Mejdi 4 78
Good Jungler LOOKING FOR TEAM butterywheel Mejdi 1 49
GOLD 1 LF rank team: main top/support Osler100 Mejdi 7 191
S3 Silver ADC looking to play 5s JustStrife Mejdi 1 38
Serious Competitive Team LF Permanent Support CausaMortem CausaMortem 5 142
Looking for omeone to cary me outa bronze butterywheel Mejdi 1 57
Looking for Duo SuperSaiyanGohan SuperSaiyanGohan 0 42
Plat 4 in S3 LF Team/Duo menaman5 Mejdi 1 50
Gold ADC looking for serious ranked Team Flashh Mejdi 3 56
Current gold 3(Plat 4 last season) midlaner looking for team. SgtSlippyFist Mejdi 2 51
Season 4 Lessons, get diamond first week!  ( 1 2 3 ... 9 ) Thornswitcher Thornswitcher 80 3332
Elemental Esports is Looking for bronze-gold players interested in getting out Earth and Wind Earth and Wind 1 45
Need adc and support xLATHINOx xLATHINOx 0 55
Gold ADC/Jung looking for team Hittin Dabs xLATHINOx 3 88
Need a Gold+ Mid ASAP by 8:15 EST LolzKitteh LolzKitteh 0 41
Gold V Looking for team Impact Fs NGG Blind Spiral 5 86
Gold s3 ADC (really good) LF Amazing Supp for duo Zaxal x Zaxal x 4 75
Looking for Ranked Team Tine NGG Blind Spiral 6 1378
Mid/ADC looking for season 4 team LaxBroGotFlow NGG Blind Spiral 9 190
Platinum Top Main LF 5s Team Docta Cheese NGG Blind Spiral 6 115
Gold 2 Top LFT Hanic NGG Blind Spiral 2 68
Silver ADC looking for team x2Kurt NGG Blind Spiral 2 68
Plat Looking for a Team Nayuuko NGG Blind Spiral 2 67
Gold 3 player looking for team. marcusfeonix NGG Blind Spiral 2 54
Need people for season 4 team. DHL130 NGG Blind Spiral 3 62
Plat ranked team Bare Gains menaman5 7 129