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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
LF Duo Gold 4+ ShakeMyJake ShakeMyJake 2 56
5's team looking for gold+ adc/mid Cam0n HavÎx 1 60
looking for plat+ 3's player Singed Can Carry Singed Can Carry 0 39
Looking for high gold/plat junglers yrua Yunity 8 132
Diamond Support LF serious team!! HRG MintyK HRG MintyK 0 31
Silver 3 Jungler LF 5's team CombatMedic68W CombatMedic68W 0 28
LF ADC PLAT/GOLD DUO RANKED add steve stifler Steve Stifler Steve Stifler 0 35
LF jungler for ranked 5s silver3+ godlikee godlikee 5 55
Recent Silver 5 looking for a Duo partner. H1tB0x0fD00m H1tB0x0fD00m 0 38
Gold+ Team LF Subs All Positions Shãnkz Shãnkz 0 30
Looking for someone to play 2 promos with!!! Alcaeus Alcaeus 0 37
D4 Mid/Sup LF Serious Diamond Team 5's Gabex Gabex 0 30
Silver 4 looking for duo partner xliquidzz xliquidzz 0 29
Silver 5 LF for team to fill Mid BubbaChoo BubbaChoo 1 53
LF FEMALES to play ranked 5's with! Fallen Legend RollingTurtle32 4 143
Creating Gold+ Team Lee and Riven Dino Spumoni 7 126
Ranked 5vs team looking for players for all roles! Izre Jar Jar Senpai 1 47
[LF Bronze Active Team]  ( 1 2 ) TTS Twister TediousSky 10 129
Ranked Team LF Jungler GuiKizay Light Metalisk 4 85
Lessons: It's time to get out of elo hell! We'll show you how. Ephraim Ephraim 4 115
Starting a ranked 5s team Silver-gold The Zetherin xxheyxx 4 76
Looking for Gold or higher top/jungle for Tournament team Hex 4 You Light Metalisk 1 52
Filling for teams playing NOW Blue Panda Blue Panda 0 48
gold-silver ranked team looking for mid Lejanar Fonduby 1 46
Need B3+ Jungler Now crackitSP Charred 1 54
Geezer GAMer LOOKING FOR A JUNGLER Skrappy Skrappy 0 31
Plat IV ADC LFT zzPinoyzz zzPinoyzz 0 27
d4 support LF adc duo L0u7 L0u7 4 84
Creating Tournament Team: Gold and Higher Hex 4 You TheBanefulBear 3 63
Plat LF a team to play RIGHT NOW Derrick James Derrick James 0 22
Last one to go ranked 5s! Zhao Xin Zhao Xin 0 51
Looking to make a silver 1-gold+ rank team DirtyPelican DirtyPelican 0 34
Lf Plat+ Adc for Ranked 5s ToopHawk ToopHawk 0 35
Silver + ADC LF ACTiVE RANKED 5s Team QuickDrawMcBalls QuickDrawMcBalls 1 53
G5 Supp> LF ADC duo partner DirtyPelican DirtyPelican 0 37
[NA]-[Gold+]-[LF 1 top or bot][Gold1 3v3 Team] isuperiorz isuperiorz 0 24
Plat IV ADC LFT and/or Duo zzPinoyzz Chaotiics 1 38
Lets play Ranked 5s Blue Panda Prince Hoskins 2 75
LF jungler,adc,support ranked 5s silver2+ godlikee Cñc 2 50
Gold 5 Lf Duo Jungler or Support Chaotiics Chaotiics 0 26
Gold4 - looking for ranked 5v5 team casual/competative wildman147 wildman147 0 35
Ex Silver player looking for team(Bot Lane) 1UPencaged 1UPencaged 1 44
Recruiting gold + mid and jungle for competitive 5v5's Sugar Whale Primusib 8 130
Duo Que McSteemy McSteemy 0 36
Recruiting Bronze -Golds (Silver Most Members) Bidentalis Bidentalis 0 37
Gold Support>Jungle>ADC Looking for Dedicated Team Lonely Eidolon Lonely Eidolon 0 23
Ranked 5's Team LF Top/Jungle yuul Sinoffate 9 138
Diamond 4/5 Player LF a 5's Team. Meatsword3000 Meatsword3000 0 29
Looking for Silver 4 players DistortedClutch ShinerEffect 3 62
D1 top looking for team FugesL FugesL 0 32