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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
gold/high silver adc and supp LF team godlikee Azazel121 6 67
Atlas Gaming is Recruiting all Players and People interested in Staff Hawc Hawc 1 42
** RANK 5v5s TONIIGHTS ** SILVER 2+ YouGotRondo DragonzGG 1 41
RANK 5v5 RIGHT NOW! YouGotRondo YouGotRondo 0 28
LF Support for duo Ranked (Gold5+) Sildver Sildver 1 64
ADC LF Actual Team xKINGx xKINGx 3 78
Around Gold elo Ranked 5s and 3s team Delizius CFLegend 1 41
Looking for silver 2+ players for new ranked 5s team Cñc Delizius 3 58
Looking to join ranked 3s team Naethmor Naethmor 0 40
Silver 4 looking for duo xliquidzz xliquidzz 0 25
Looking for Gold+ ADC for Ranked 5's Team Hawtheals Hawtheals 0 24
Plat 5 SUPPORT LF Active 5's Team Lumineight Lumineight 1 43
Searching xBishopz xBishopz 0 37
Lets Make a Team for the WARD SKINS RushingVixen Delizius 6 92
Diamond 1 coach/analyst WANTED! Blythe Blythe 2 113
Looking for 5s team Wanna Mento Wanna Mento 0 33
Silver V player looking for serious team! Top Main! IC Immortal IC IC Immortal IC 0 32
Ranked 5s ... LF ALL. GAMES TODAY notavirginlol notavirginlol 1 61
Ranked team looking for top Krihelion Delizius 2 65
LFT 5's I AM SUPPORT H2D Eclipse H2D Eclipse 0 34
Plat 5 Top laner looking for 5's team, can fill any role Tres Juevos Tres Juevos 0 33
Looking for Ranked Team - Top/JG Main Kinesio7710 Kinesio7710 0 43
Adc Mikey Wazowski Mikey Wazowski 0 33
gold 2 support looking for competetive gold+ ranke team SneakyLilFreak SneakyLilFreak 0 31
Diamond player looking for smurf to duo que with in Ranked Meleeraid Meleeraid 1 134
LF SUPPORT (SIlver+) too DUO ranked with. preparetoengage Mishe 2 50
Plat 3 last season LF team and duo Smoking Mantis Smoking Mantis 0 38
Looking for a 5s team to play with not super serious Beartic1991 Beartic1991 0 32
Lf no life to lvl smurf FrediexJ FrediexJ 0 58
LF Mid, New England Area, Local Tournaments(Gold/Plat)(Have Sponsor) TTb Benwa TTb Benwa 0 56
Gold 5 LF DUO with high stats, good attitude citabogue citabogue 1 125
gold support lf duo q partner add golkow Golkow Golkow 1 53
Trepidity Gaming LF g5+ Casual Players MaxBlock 7CoreSlayer 5 120
Gold IV ADC Main LF Serious Gold+ Team Chaotiics Chaotiics 0 32
Recruiting for Ranked 3's. Looking for Gold 4+  ( 1 2 ) Electrodezx Electrodezx 11 192
SILVER 3 and Higher RANKED 5v5s pls Dr J Marijuana Dr J Marijuana 0 37
Plat Adc Lf suppot duo Kixos Kixos 2 50
New Ranked 3's - Diamond+ Panickd Panickd 0 28
D5 adc looking for diamond support duo Andrew is Godly jwc 1 47
LFT Gold+ ranked team-G1 Jungle/Top Arctic Tarzan Arctic Tarzan 0 31
Ranked 5s Silver+ recruiting The Ruler697 The Ruler697 0 47
Looking for jungler for 5v5 ranked team near gold SKT T1 Lucian Arctic Tarzan 2 69
OGZ Airborne Looking for ADC and Jungle  ( 1 2 3 ) R3DGU4RD R3DGU4RD 24 484
Ranked Team LF Plat Top Main  ( 1 2 ) Shadowmere24 Shadowmere24 16 205
LFM GOLD+ Jungle/Mid/ADC for serious 5's ranked  ( 1 2 3 ) NBG Thorknight Wet Kisses 28 379
New Team All Ranks NinjaFireBlazer MegaLamb 4 73
Looking for GOLD+ Mid for serious 5v5 ranked team SKT T1 Lucian Furious Quackers 3 66
Gold 5 mid Main, secondary jungle/support, looking for dedicated 5's team 1nten5e Destiny Foxy 1 43
5's Team LF Top Laner Plat+ Yimii Yimii 1 39
Gold II Support Main LF Duo to Plat Lawnchair Destiny Foxy 3 45