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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
High gold/Plat jungle and mid mains for competitive 5 Kallanne SNSDRain 5 166
Silver 3 Looking for a 3s team Moon Bugga Moon Bugga 0 80
silver adc main looking for a team Vagueness LordFromDarkness 3 114
Support LF Team Foxilicious Treelight 1 92
Competitive Diamond Team looking for Top & Support Jingus510 Von7 4 156
Creating new team lf 3 people Kivora LordFromDarkness 2 115
Creating 5s Team Cyvann Wrestle 5 156
LF Teamates. Cryptidal Cryptidal 0 78
Lower gold jungler LF 5v5 team Kheimon Kheimon 1 86
Diamond Team LF Diamond Jungle to sub for Go4LOL FLexR FLexR 8 103
S2 mid looking for ranked 5v5 heroic1357 heroic1357 1 55
Join to praise the leader, Nick Cage home grown peas home grown peas 0 53
gold 5 looking for duo gold+ Voidreaver PvtArea 1 46
Gold 4 LF Any Duo that is Gold and doesnt suck Lighttidus PvtArea 1 50
Gold 4 ADC LF team xdarcy1 PvtArea 4 70
need 1 more for ranked 5's add me Big Bird Is Hot sldeshot 2 86
LF A Ranked 5v5 Team (Silver 1 & Mic) falco120 falco120 1 50
Looking to form a ranked team plat minimum to play now! sexy kexy Gooplink 1 59
considering making a team Legend of Ng Jaegybomb 5 156
3s anyone BabysUnlimited BabysUnlimited 2 60
High Plat Jungler LFT Bloobis Bloobis 0 50
Support/Jungler LFT XxXxSinisterXxXx XxXxSinisterXxXx 0 39
Support LFT crytaric crytaric 0 38
LF High Plat/Diamond players to Duo Bloobis Bloobis 0 39
Killing University now accepting members Mainly a MID Rocky06fx4 falco120 1 73
Diamond Team LF D5+ ADC! GarJager GarJager 0 40
Looking For A Easy Going Clan XxXxSinisterXxXx XxXxSinisterXxXx 0 46
LF Gold 3+ Support ImBigBoy ImBigBoy 0 38
LF All Roles - New Ranked Team. (B1-G5) Cryptidal Cryptidal 0 58
plat team lf mid draxyy Alt to F4 4 125
Need top laner for team CLG BiGMaC CLG BiGMaC 0 55
Team Fat Guys Recruiting Plat+ Most position open!  ( 1 2 ) Lenex Senpai Lenex Senpai 16 285
silver 2 support LF silver 1 + adc to duo JJakob JJakob 1 42
Lf Plat 3+ Top laner for Diamond Team GG Aburrs Daysy is Pdbaker 3 72
ADC Looking for a dedicated team! Gigless Gigless 0 44
Team looking for a support to play right now FalconPICK FalconPICK 0 64
Casual Play Destiny Foxy Destiny Foxy 0 44
R>Ranked 3s! Zhao Xin Zhao Xin 0 43
Plat 5 looking for duo partner llIlIlIlIlIllIlI llIlIlIlIlIllIlI 0 35
Top LF 5's or 3's Team Peraen Peraen 0 36
G5 Leona/Thresh Support LF team or duo iGhandiHop Duke Nukem7 1 60
Main MId laner LF Team Gamerfreak245 Gamerfreak245 0 37
Silver/Gold Team LF Top + Jung Dredius Dredius 2 65
Support looking for 5s team Cyvann Cyvann 0 38
LF1M Jungler or Top Lane for rank 3's iRXS thenamesed 1 37
Gold V LF Ranked 5s Team. MANners MANners 0 30
RANKED 5's looking for members enternal ItsReTro 8 180
lf people to level up smurf BestJointAfrica Fizbania 3 95
Smurf ADC LF> bronze support Noxus Serpent Noxus Serpent 0 57
Plat Supp and Jungle looking for team flare546 flare546 0 35