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Plat 4 Mid LFT Linthus by Linthus 1 45
Looking for 5s Ranked team Dog Ate It by Dog Ate It 5 102
LF a dedicated pirate for the midlane to plunder gold and booty! Sivir Me Tibbers by Best Snorlax NA 5 114
Looking for a Gold + Duo Partner (Jungler/Botlaner) VuLxZ by VuLxZ 2 81
Bronze-Silver serious team bigmac3569 by Trackson Jackson 6 111
Bronze 2 Mid laner LF a team buritosrfood by Trackson Jackson 5 150
LF duo silver Quit League by Quit League 3 72
Plat 2 Mid LF Duo iBex by Drakedose 3 125
Looking for, starting a team DesiredNameHere by DesiredNameHere 0 40
Need gold duo EbK by EbK 0 36
Diamonds Ranked 5's SmurfingIsPro by RAWB3RT 2 117
Silver adc looking for competitive team Rainb0wDash by Rainb0wDash 0 29
Silver IV LF a Duo! Shmeshy by Shmeshy 1 60
LF Teammates for EclipseOne! Primest by Primest 0 42
Silver Support LF fun but competitive team CreeperKatie by Universal GZH 2 85
D1 Mid/Top LF all D1/Challenger team Acme by Acme 7 210
Gold+ Team Recruitment DaoWithIt by DaoWithIt 7 207
LF Plat+ support to duo Groupon by Groupon 0 35
Bronze Looking For Duo Mystakin by Mystakin 0 29
Starting a Ranked team King of LoL by Ima boss batman 2 86
LF ADC FOR 5s TEAM Slamtheirheadsin by anoldfatguy 1 79
Death Fire Unleashed L3blanc James by Ima boss batman 3 67
plat support LFT seraphram by seraphram 1 51
LF D1+ Jungle for Serious team Ashesz by Ashesz 0 34
G3 Mid/Jung Looking for a team Sket by Sket 0 35
LF high Plat adc Bk Rando by Bk Rando 1 41
Death Fire Unleashed L3blanc James by H3AD5H0TZ 1 35
need a low silver hight bronze team willing to play more than 5 hours a day acemz by acemz 0 21
S4 looking for duo to Gold. TChief by TChief 0 18
LF2M silver players for fives team Sporgen by Sket 8 151
Silver 2 Looking for Ranked Team Daitengo by Daitengo 0 12
Silver Support Looking for ranked team Monkcoon by Monkcoon 0 12
Duo Q Plat Climb! Need You! Tetillon11 by TChief 1 34
Death Fire Unleashed L3blanc James by Rainb0wDash 2 45
2 Diamond players lf serious team ICCM by ICCM 0 30
LF hardcore ranked 5's!!! FEEDINGCUZIMBAD by FEEDINGCUZIMBAD 2 96
Plat Support looking for team Mr Diggy by Mr Diggy 0 22
Team Recruitment!(NA) LF Mid and Support JewishZebra by Dexteres 3 57
LF Plat + Jungle and Top for Semi Serious 5s Team   ( 1 2) TurtleJesus by Jayce Nguyen 13 220
LF TOP, MID, JUNGLE for RANK TEAM lCrystal by lCrystal 0 31
Lf Gold Duo to Plat Lighttidus by Lighttidus 0 40
Creating 5v5 Team (Bronze II - Silver I)   ( 1 2) RisTanA by RisTanA 13 342
LF 5's team to play with Hezie by Hezie 2 44
LF top, mid, jungle b1+ Temperx by Temperx 2 44
Silver V lookin for ranked team! SOM3Z0MB by Trackson Jackson 1 24
I would like to form a new team! ZeInoc by FlapjackWizard 7 135
ZCelG Looking for Top tryouts. Jaasiel Darda by Favorites 2 37
LF Supp for Duo Bot Lane in Ranked Vayn Harbinger by Agam 2 75
LF a Plat+ Support for our Team VG NoitroX by Hugler 9 171
Looking for Consistently good; friendly players. Maybe a clan too! XMidnightBluHaze by XMidnightBluHaze 0 36