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Silver Elo 5's i did ur grandma by Gea80808 8 102
Gold 5 Top and Gold 4 Mid/Jungle Mains LF Team ThotRoach 2g by ThotRoach 2g 0 36
3s Ranked team for season rewards clantosa by SWIFT JUSTlCE 5 80
LF plat+ Top, Adc, Support for 5s Team SkyMaker by SkyMaker 1 38
Desired Esports Looking for High Plat-Diamond Support Legi by BOWCHIKAWOWWOW 2 48
New team, bronze and silver players   ( 1 2) tommydanger32 by LoongWang 15 190
plat 4 adc looking for team/duo Mr lnfinity by Mr lnfinity 1 41
5's need main top msg ZeaLLOL ZeaLLOL by Voittaa 1 34
Season 3 Plat Looking for team. Can fill Mid, adc, and jungle Jdizl by Jdizl 0 29
Team Haze LF top laner and subs ! Reaping Haze by Frosted Mozilla 9 143
Mid and Jungle LF 5s Team SkyMaker by SkyMaker 3 28
G4 Adc Looking for support duo (gold+) Rams1333 by Rams1333 0 28
Adc and supp looking for a G3+ team TheOgTrace by TheOgTrace 0 14
Starting High Bronze and Silver Team SavageEwain37 by Washomatic 9 101
Need mid laner silver or bronze thosespicybeans by thosespicybeans 0 38
The True Laughing Coffin looking for members! All positions except top. TheMakerOfLove by TheMakerOfLove 2 70
Gold 3 Support Main LF Team and/or ADC duo Juju458 by Juju458 0 29
Gold 1 LF Duo To hit Plat Tonight. Poconoes by Poconoes 0 26
Silver+ Team L4 Top! iiLLNesS by iiLLNesS 4 48
Just need mid and adc thosespicybeans by thosespicybeans 0 43
SERIOUS Team looking for Plat-Diamond checksmix by HoboSlayer69 6 91
Silver+ L4 Top! iiLLNesS by iiLLNesS 1 20
Gold 4 ADC/JUNGLE looking for a RANKED 5'S TEAM SILVER1+ Sargonnn by Sargonnn 0 12
Looking for 5's Team TimWantsYou by thosespicybeans 1 36
LF Top , ADC , Support DrygoreSlayer by Jeffwally 5 70
LF Top for ranked team DrygoreSlayer by DrygoreSlayer 0 25
LF Ranked Team Mid/Top Main I Forgot Smite by I Forgot Smite 0 28
silver-gold all serious 5v5 and 3v3 team kennontkillme by kennontkillme 0 20
jungle/mid main looking for team Boom5674 by thosespicybeans 1 25
Plat 5 Support Main- Looking for 5v5 Ranked Team Rysu by Rysu 1 27
Need a Support Tonight, Silver or above Google Man Dude by Google Man Dude 0 33
Hybrid Theory {M2M} Looking for... Helix hT by TheBigBreaker 7 161
Ranked Team Recruiting Silvers 1-5 Going for End of Season 4 Rewards Jelly Deus by Jelly Deus 0 53
Gold JG/Top LF team TitleFight by TitleFight 0 24
Looking For Serious 5's Team Ergotism by Ergotism 0 29
Team Reckless needing a mid laner! iKite Hard by iKite Hard 0 33
Starting high bronze and silver team for Rewards thosespicybeans by thosespicybeans 0 32
Gold 2 Support LFT - Dedicated ProjectD1 by crankrasta 4 48
Silver 1 Top Laner Looking for competitive team Valaar by Valaar 0 17
S2 Mid LF strong duo Zed or Dodge by Zed or Dodge 0 15
serious ranked team, starting tonitght! Fabbyyyy by Death o Fire 4 100
Looking for a video editor on a montage project. ($) B2B HyperX Snow by SAOSinon 1 51
Bronze adc / mid looking for duo partner and 5s team Im Surgicals by Im Surgicals 0 25
Click Here To Find A Member For Your Current Team crome221 by crome221 0 46
Really need a Top Laner for Ranked 5s Team NiceGuySean by NiceGuySean 3 122
Silver+ Team L4 ADC&Top iiLLNesS by iiLLNesS 1 27
Silver 1 Mid Laner Lf 5s Team VoLc0M by VoLc0M 0 15
Looking for duo. TimmyWimmyWooWoo by TimmyWimmyWooWoo 0 45
Looking for a Duo Partner! I Am Waifu by I Am Waifu 2 81
Silver 1 support looking for duo/team Animal rG by Death o Fire 1 23