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Does it get any twitcher than Talon vs Leblanc? Hexss by Newtype Quess 3 318
Winrate doesn't matter except if it's the champion I main MG Caristinn by MG Caristinn 3 71
All guys should explicity anounce they are guys Teemo is Life by Sword of Aeons 3 73
In what situation would you max q on Swain? Phane Sorter by The Red Warden 3 83
What happened to forum avatars? Sword of Aeons by Turtle vs Beaver 3 92
urf bs TrollArchOffice1 by RayManZ 3 72
Omg wtf woah Zalvion by Clubbems 3 88
"Lol fk this kiddie so bad" SinHeartlesAngel by Zmuecat 3 77
Bot laners, I totally get it now HateDaddy by Jonkykong 3 168
Weekly bonus game mode? CDawg33 by Migrañaboy 3 46
It's 2014 and people still think Zhonyas is balanced XcitoiZ by NineTales9 3 109
Team Builder Matchmaking Experiences? Beistly117 by Beistly117 3 71
How to make a balanced champion...mating style Qverpowered by Busty Demoness 3 123
Lagggg Zenku123 by Neucore 3 56
this game sucks now. SOloQ Br VRAUUUU by SOloQ Br VRAUUUU 3 110
why are we playing a game Rated for Teens Wellness Inhaler by EUW ForumAcc 3 54
Ranked is broken JumboWumbo by JumboWumbo 3 62
You should fix the "Advice" in game loading about cursing at allies... Dyto by Logan Richardson 3 93
You lost lane as Renekton vs a Jax SinHeartlesAngel by Hiczi 3 121
"Nidalee's Q is the only thing that makes her useful" aperson1 by Splurged 3 112
Having problems with ingame lag DerpasaurusRex69 by DerpasaurusRex69 3 47
@Riot: PSA from a Valve employee. lRubickl by Eleshakai 3 140
Game disappeared Imminent42 by King Platypus II 3 46
whats elo decay? Ashin Kusher by Ashin Kusher 3 48
How do you turn normal text into a link? Quinn PossibIe by Quinn PossibIe 3 35
wtf is the "Posh Poro"? XDeathyxXxDeathX by DNAgent 3 75
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ urf gone, lets riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Repress by Repress 3 115
Return URF PLZ!!! Onireaper by MockOverdrive 3 83
Why do people always try to kill the ADC first during team fights? UnicornPurple by UnicornPurple 3 114
Hextech good on Lucian or Ezreal? FamiIy Guy by Splininka 3 95
Maybe Drop hack is not used as often as GD thinks, SummonerMan Matt by SummonerMan Matt 3 61
stfu about urf ZombiesInYourBed by drackenzane 3 75
Streaming w/Friend! BlazingLegendEX by BlazingLegendEX 3 27
The disgusting faces of ADC players Wellness Inhaler by jersy123WOLF 3 109
3W-20L in solo queue in 2 weeks Zedilurk by Myroluth 3 110
Am I using the right runes? VengefulCrusade by mauroc0 3 51
Riot: Can we have Clarity, Clairvoyance, and Cleanse look different? LastProtagonist by Perfivale 3 83
i pray riot doesn't rework shaco Baconstr1pz by Volcrian 3 71
crazy idea DodgeOrCarryMe by DodgeOrCarryMe 3 50
I really dont see trolls in this game DriednWashedUp by DriednWashedUp 3 56
Why jungle anything but Fiora? Maximum LeBroken by Currymancer 3 140
People that cry about blitzcrank make me laugh Reskk by FlamedBlade 3 86
"there's no difference between playing on East Coast and West Coast" MercuryCannons by MercuryCannons 3 83
Dear Diary TheKingkel by TheKingkel 3 37
All For One AND Ultra Rapid Fire Kussanagi444 by IonCannonKarthus 3 45
LF bronze/silver support to duo with im gold Hypnoticc by BruunYabune 3 75
"What is broken can be reforged." marc is awesome by Chrony 3 84
Gamer girls: Rengar is life by Rengar is life 3 123
I'm a level 10 smurf AllAlongTheWay by Turtle vs Beaver 3 90
League of legends or Girlfriend/Boyfriend XxScarletxMoonxX by Wellness Inhaler 3 111