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Being High ELO Makes you the authority of this game! Corpsy by airphforce 4 173
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God 1200 elo Sucks. This is why Elo hell exists. Voltairez by livestock 4 237
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Every time I make a post a thread stops. Aegiswing by Dairuka 4 147
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Tank Trundle? You best be trollin' Eliras by Mordwyrhta 4 409
Ganksterr's Ranked Log Ganksterr by Ganksterr 4 193
Is it BM to kill Lesser Lizards while your Carry is killing Elder Lizard for the Red? nuthusk by Real Rapist 4 212
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First person swordfighting games? Welcomer by Runeterran 4 718
End Annie Recoloring E Reck by E Reck 4 237
i just realized one of brolaf's quote is from duke nukem YoThisisfun by FoxyLocksy 4 826
I am disappoint, Riot. YoThisisfun by YoThisisfun 4 143
karma glitched.. Bunbunru by Marshuni 4 133
Coming Back to LoL CaptCrunchJr by Azaer 4 138
purchasing usmmoners at ingame store 11poopy11 by iWonderful 4 136
Isn't it really cute when a game where there is a really really fed dude goes long... Wisgary by Arecanderu 4 264
MSPaint Rage Thread. Valdien by The Dyne 4 163
hey riot LOL luke by zGarchomp 4 153
Bugs since the last patch? Dr Troll by Dr Troll 4 136
Nerf anivia Nerfabull by Nova74 4 156
A new forum idea. Brotherleto by iWonderful 4 105
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Pattern in Ranked Games Hetoquis by Hetoquis 4 183
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nunu skin. ItsOverSuper9000 by Gwent 4 119
So if Annie is the prom queen... masonjam by masonjam 4 194
Yi/Draft in Normals Afflictid by Afflictid 4 152
i really hope.. Meoshi1 by Meoshi1 4 93
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sikkizo by Belarock 4 222
KARMA is OP SeiKz by Asaldur 4 284
I've lost every single game today zomg besides an IP farm. Don Para by Emperor Seth 4 188
Phreak's Stream MilkDemon by Zeatious 4 293
Olaf, a question firebaron by MindbulletMatrix 4 134
Want to win? Fight Baron more often. Explosion Eater by Explosion Eater 4 229
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packers suck Chronozone by Wutnaut 4 145
Soraka Pentakill XxDarkSatoshixX by CapnForc 4 726
What is the new champion rotation this week? HeroRanger by ArtifactMind 4 148
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[suggestion] - aram queue! Varinal by Grimloe 4 170
@Coronach (also,Karma build inside) Apollo Justice by Apollo Justice 4 520