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Pro CSS Streaming SelGomez by Trogger 4 313
What is the highest "fresh" elo you can get? Kasiski by Kasiski 4 265
Spell vamp? Slayman3909 by h0B0 4 115
Blizzard gave free time to inactive accounts gramkracka22 by hyliandanny 4 389
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let me tell you a story =] Awesomeful by LarsTheMan 4 149
suggestion for Leavers: Darkblood by Speaker Rob 4 201
Just played a dumb game. Yordle by Hekatonchires 4 189
Can the real Zileas please stand up? Sessorach by Sessorach 4 213
@Riot: A Reminder Of The Things That The Community's Still Waiting For: Cookiez56 by Dannewitz 4 186
Rpg mode Velqor by YourDecision 4 178
Who is a better nuker anivia or eve? The name is Two by rooTkit32 4 227
When does Duo become viable? Max Moody by Eridrus 4 230
Votekick Krixly by scoops sunshine 4 173
new female tank? kassadin's daughter? Tsakan2 by Tsakan2 4 269
15min wait Drakeil by Drakeil 4 148
3150 ip... xMaja by CptSeaCow 4 174
Is it possible to cancel Urgot's ult? Flames of Love by Siignal 4 790
Battle soraka Holy Valkyrie by God Given 4 294
@Riot can you please put in a story mode? theazhanator by theazhanator 4 124
No, but for real, give Brazil its own server kappalolol by mkoger 4 149
Female void character? pickupsticks21 by Myrren 4 235
So it's Super Bowl Sunday bl0b by dustofoblivion 4 160
What happend to the -Stun and -Slow Tags Combine44 by element114 4 141
Free Champ and Skin? Jayj by Rezengu 4 234
Pattern in Ranked Games Hetoquis by Hetoquis 4 185
[Skin Suggestion] Milkman Singed Rebel Cardinal by Rebel Cardinal 4 171
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i forgot my account name... GriffDawg by Dzung 4 378
I came in late on this but... AgentX by cbr1000rider3 4 183
OMG Leavers again Alex94Andr by Nikolai Azurell 4 1,410
I will QQ about things so I can get things that I want! Tenant by Obskulum 4 122
@Are you kidding me? Im a loyal player. where is my panth skin? Floof by GetARyzeOuttaU 4 231
"BRB, house is now an igloo!" Kudos to those that deserve it. Hellsy by mistermoo 4 212
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New concept for a champion Dood147 by Josh de Tonreau 4 146
We want urf Apollo Justice by Frosty716 4 169
biggest joke games? TacoBellAssasin by Aleks55 4 138
What if we get something better for being loyal? pseudoskill by Sallad Hunter 4 184
Hurr, what are the chat commands? nuthusk by FSchneider 4 194
Champion Ideas that you care about. Explosion Eater by Rapax47R 4 111
Brb GiantEvilKitten by GiantEvilKitten 4 535
R.Q.A (Official Thread!) Alphacide by Alphacide 4 139
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So here I am about to go out drinking Onlyashadow by Onlyashadow 4 182
These patch notes are real Katsaurous by TetWesticles 4 310
What the duck... ZodiarkSavior by Apollo Justice 4 170
is there a champ that isn't op? zanthel by GRRgamel 4 191
Free panth? Xeado by Zeinus 4 227
Can anyone explain what tencent taking a majority stake in RIOT means? Minutemade by MeOdd8 4 236