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Shook is an example of what happens when you try to make plays Admiral Acorn by Admiral Acorn 0 46
Is warwick any good? In Dev We Trust by Kythers 9 119
Thank you riot for Dunkmaster Darius >:) Dunkilius by Dunkilius 1 45
An ADC rightclicked me from 700 range and said outplayed www Mofos com by www Mofos com 3 120
How and when to roam? (mid) maximumspeed02 by 413asdfqwe 1 22
I think KR challenger teams are better than EU.. Fizz Main by Fizz Main 0 37
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Ranked restrictions? craftythief by craftythief 1 18
Classic HotshotGG moments BF123456789 by BF123456789 0 27
"I'm here to prove meta doesn't mean anything"   ( 1 2) Myroluth by Uncle Crimbo 13 278
Sion should yell "I'M THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN!" when he ults. CMD Ruby Rose by CamaHa 1 64
As a Sion main, I am disappointed in the rework.   ( 1 2) T1gerBl00d27 by LeonDemonOfDeath 11 408
How do YOU Comeback from Hard Tilts? KingFehjot by KingFehjot 0 22
Sion legendary skin? DNAgent by DNAgent 0 51
Thank the almighty Rito Gods 0MGW4LRU5 by 0MGW4LRU5 0 18
If the sion rework fails change sion ult so it applies additional speed boost Mofice by Mofice 0 146
the new darius skin suks Kraz Kzraxus by Rabid Meese 5 113
Hey riot... Dryaxe by cantbanthetroll 1 23
"XWX is a horrible mid laner who wouldn't even start for an LPL team" Meleti by Meleti 0 62
For all those who have been banned or had issues with servers or w/e infinity10101 by infinity10101 0 16
Gamer Gate Mud Monkey by Mud Monkey 2 57
Who's willing to bet the next Lulu skin will be a harrowing/halloween themed one? LuluDammit by Babalub 2 67
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What is considered short these days CoruptedEntity by B00tyWarriorr 4 48
"What's that Kiyo? You made a Shaco guide? Get out of here no one cares" Kiyoish by Kiyoish 9 153
# 3 NA team beats # 2 Eu Team. Account For GD by FryerTuck 6 130
Is it racist... xGvPx by Odenmaru 3 53
Talon mains be like "wah I can't do my full combo without any risk anymore". Tsaalyo by Tsaalyo 6 194
So riot like pretty much recycled urgots lore into sion's MAXED6 by Trezno 3 98
Why are popular champs always getting nerfed? PedramCarter by Aliceandria 4 62
Na > eu Gotzabe by Gotzabe 1 65
Question about skipping a rank clearly a virgin by iKnowMyADCs 4 45
Elo Hell RevenantWerewolf by RevenantWerewolf 0 11
Yasuo's ult is now global Heek by Sawsers 6 149
ascension rewards zozts by zozts 0 24
I don't think Traditional Sion is happening. Psyclone Joker by Psyclone Joker 1 88