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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards   ( 1 2 3 ... 37) Tamat by GrandMa5TR 362 Riot Post 74,101
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4 D/Cs on my team, 0 D/Cs on enemy team Ellphi by PoisonMilk 9 295
I don't want loss forgiven Seen by Ziliphade 1 61
Thanks for my first penta ReaverCamera by Gaggle of Koalas 1 64
I am the Greatest.   ( 1 2) Cooldelia Greato by GigaBreaker88 16 297
I come home from work and all I want to do is play one game of league Lulu Loves Me by Lulu Loves Me 3 110
Im 1 RP away from a mystery gift iWontSupport by Dr Feed 2 75
Riot - how is this happening in 2014 x0i by x0i 0 41
Anyone play hearthstone here? Pool Party Kat by Pool Party Kat 2 36
As a sion main, I'm not sure what to think =/ FullyOwned by Maximum Sayaka 4 110
Fix your servers. You are really testing us with this issue. Ash Lockheart by MrCyprus 5 154
Viktor Penta! Best Syndra East by Best Syndra East 3 96
Riot Please Respond? Dunkmaster Darius Obscene Law by Obscene Law 7 227
So tired of this BS I won my game got 8 LP WTF RITO   ( 1 2) MarcoxPolo by Fynos 19 330
So I think I'm starting to get the message Riot has been sending pass few months MachoSaurus by WOOSHY 4 99
Soraka will be played as a solo laner   ( 1 2) JumboWumbo by JumboWumbo 19 523
No loss forgiven wtf we stay high by Zhenocnelera 4 77
Anyone talking about Sion   ( 1 2) Ay Yo Boo Boo by Durmeth the Vile 10 218
My thoughts on the sion changes as a sion main. Testing for hemo by Testing for hemo 0 78
How do I keep a gold lead for my team? RamonThe4th by RamonThe4th 0 27
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Jojo The Afro Samurai Zwizzle by Zwizzle 0 37
That anime had a great male character   ( 1 2) CupcakeRaptorr by Fisherman Fizz 19 425
Please leave my friend lacey alone Spotty by Garebear MAULS 1 60
How am I supposed to take ranked seriously? MrGiraffeington by MrGiraffeington 0 44
Someone needs to give me a High five now. TheChaoticSwede by TheChaoticSwede 3 75
rito How to ADC by How to ADC 8 122
fnatic j4 the color orange by Dyvius 1 75
Client Notification The Bacon Dragon by SmokedAlmonds 1 41
NA is STILL unstable o.o Beowulfss by Beowulfss 0 39
Lost a winning game. 4 people dc. RIOT? Pic inside. Oprah is 0P by Oprah is 0P 1 60
There's always the 1 guy that doesn't DC xKillswitch by xKillswitch 0 47
Wrong account GigaBreaker88 by Chip and Dale 4 93
servers do not matter, only worlds do. tarrorfied by Satimmy95 1 59
hello riot LSA by LSA 0 28
Talon lost silence? Riot is ruining assasins Poll ButterlesssToast by ButterlesssToast 0 77
Not sure where to post this please someone help NA over EU by NA over EU 4 73
So glad riot is nerfing all top laners Nihil1ty by ATMACS 1 69
@Riot If you receive a bunch of posts about instability ImInfinite313 by ImInfinite313 0 26
Gg rip servers #never forget Surfing Milk by Surfing Milk 1 46
I Can't remember the last time I got Late game in ranked AMA Interwebster by Interwebster 0 35
6 Life a bit too much?   ( 1 2) Seen by Seen 14 455
すごいですよ   ( 1 2) Ryouko tan by Alumnus 16 408
So are we just not getting Loss Forgiven? Das Elbow Hammer by Das Elbow Hammer 0 35
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ 1k RP OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Future Diary by Future Diary 0 28
Helmet bro Theory JokeHole by JokeHole 1 70
Is there a challenger 5's team that streams their practice? Nuktuk by Nuktuk 1 48
Enable Ranked, Lag is Part of Online Gaming A Prop Phone by A Prop Phone 0 49
Discussion: Server's are out of Gerbils again - How are you? Novoroth by Novoroth 0 36
I never realized how important objectives are. RamonThe4th by RamonThe4th 0 50
Im tired of this Ryly92 by Ryly92 0 50