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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards   ( 1 2 3 ... 37) Tamat by GrandMa5TR 362 Riot Post 69,640
Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders   ( 1 2 3 ... 71) Lyte by ZaWarsman 709 Riot Post 212,421
Seriously? System404 by System404 0 53
Silver to Gold [Support] Sorrora by Sorrora 0 29
Expect 6 more asian teams in NA LCS next season BIGNIG420YOLO666 by Arcane Ezreal 4 186
Xpecial with the tears   ( 1 2) NA Darklarik by HOMO KPOP 14 592
Yasuo is more OP than Yi because....   ( 1 2) Blade of Justic by SkunkaUS 11 350
Item Inventory Glitches xL Irevocable by xL Irevocable 2 51
Is anyone else dc'ing? STB DaddyO by STB DaddyO 4 66
So if LMQ is Chinese and TSM is mishmash Trolosaurus by Windwall Rising 3 130
Keep losing LP because of Client Glitch Alderkel by Alderkel 0 25
Funny how in NA people go nuts Ofc Sona by Ofc Sona 0 33
Is CLG the worst team in gaming history? Cytox by Trolosaurus 3 108
I DECLARE: The circlejerk will never stop Zantheus by Zantheus 5 123
LMQ Post game interview ThermodynamicZ by Brigadier Teemo 3 158
"Boo hoo! Tryndamere has no counters in lane" No ****. All the people that main Trynd Critkeeper by ZerglingOne 7 266
Please explain to me the LCS's obsession with top lane Lulu Perfect Support by ShakeNBake EUW 6 234
I'm banned until Sept 5th. Can't get frozen shen :/   ( 1 2) AngelOfTears by mulledBYtiger 17 523
Despite all their hate which i kinda agree with, im actually glad LMQ is here in NA. Resonating Fart by Resonating Fart 0 54
Making Shen viable Slimy Thumbs by Slimy Thumbs 0 55
Na lcs has been the same for the past 4 splits King of pies by NKT Baker 2 131
Does Your MMR / ELO Increase When Playing Non-Ranked Games? Robert Mugabee by Robert Mugabee 4 133
Can you get a virus from looking up pictures on google with the safety filter off? shorterfatchode by xL Irevocable 5 198
America is bad at League of Legends. Shylien by Shylien 0 44
Hilarious how people bash LMQ for playing for NA.   ( 1 2) KING LOMO by KING LOMO 17 446
The Korean Teams Loza by HOMO KPOP 1 52
Soon, pro LoL will just be a bunch of Asian teams facing against each other. I destroy noobs by SculptorOvFlesh 1 71
Why did Curse give NoName Kha again? SabreJ6 by PoisonedTea 5 204
I wanna go on a walk. Holy Malevolence by Holy Malevolence 0 22
lets give LMQ "Yasuo Braum Kog'Maw Kha'zix and Maokai" Fynal Hour by Mo9999 2 132
Looking for a rioter for 1000'th win ^^ Flamingblitz by Ryster 3 69
wat if Urgots ultimate was also a nuke SaxonThunder by Soranti 3 95
A zed skin has been in on the files for a good while The Spudinator by The Spudinator 1 104
Rofl. Curse deserves to lose with those bans and team comp   ( 1 2) Rhymes W Hug Me by Rhymes W Hug Me 10 309
my favorite anime is monster high   ( 1 2) DiavaI by Iamboringtoo 18 233
Things we learned from Season 4 Pro Scene in NA: StompEmlnTheNuts by yrua 2 127
Karthus has always hard countered akali Aiwendil by cool165 1 77
Buying an LMQ summoner icon ModOperator by ModOperator 0 43
What's green, fuzzy, and if it fell out of a tree it would kill you? nunuman77 by Winterzmaulz 2 65
Curse ban phase..... Best Philosopher by Blyted 3 81
curse fans butthurt Crispix by Crispix 0 28
Ghostblade on ADCs? Why such madness by Drukyul 5 85
If NA wins the World Championships, this will be our victory speech Dark Binding by Bageloid 3 192
Ashe is a god like support Ofc Sona by Ofc Sona 0 24
"flight 17 survives better than this corki" The Iron Back by Charles Barklius 9 178
"If LMQ wins worlds..." Shiva Pain by Shiva Pain 0 43
I thought LMQ learned english Banuvan by StompEmlnTheNuts 7 218
Any way I can replace my login screen with an old one? Domo Ahrigato by Domo Ahrigato 2 54
I'm experiencing a salt overload Trolosaurus by Zantheus 1 53
Should I buy skins?   ( 1 2 3) Victor Marte by Ravoria 29 2,730
I'm Diamond 2 and I don't play jungle. Could I replace IWDominate? Perfect Support by Perfect Support 0 23
NA only got to send 2 teams after all, and China got an extra slot. Orenin by Orenin 0 45