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Sticky Thread Making the transition to Boards  ( 1 2 3 ... 37 ) Tamat GrandMa5TR 362
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Sticky Thread Detecting and banning extreme Intentional Feeders  ( 1 2 3 ... 71 ) Lyte ZaWarsman 709
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why are girls good at this game? News Anchor Noxian Zell 9 192
Woah woah what is this Vevey Pool Party Kat 2 78
Team comp learn from the failures of TSM. Vegas Dad Vegas Dad 0 56
Why Lulu Suport? saithor saithor 0 33
how to create a team comp in solo Q leek spin 10 hrs leek spin 10 hrs 0 49
I am Moloch, the great BULL god. Moloch Fyre Moloch Fyre 0 127
More ban picks? Capitalism ho Capitalism ho 0 54
Holy **** what happened? Finalout Finalout 0 43
Dyrus picked ryze. Not a true tank but better than lulu. Still, mundo for c9. C9 wins Rhymes W Hug Me KnightMayre 1 106
solo queue is impossible RecklessMessiah Enchantix 1 91
Every now and then champs have the same eye on top of them as oricles elixir gave harrothggar X SkeletonCandy 1 43
I've taken to covering the chat box with my hand when we lose. Blade of Justic Blade of Justic 4 87
Yasuo lvl 10 difficulty?  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) 2ManyJons 2ManyJons 35 1770
Amazing can only play Pee Sin & Freelise. EpicYogurt EpicYogurt 0 68
Daily reminder that "Balls" is an inappropriate name and he should be fined FlamingoFonTwo FlamingoFonTwo 8 193
These shields and walls are a pretty cancerous mechanic shroooooomed shroooooomed 1 119
I got reported for telling the enemy syndra to drink bleach. Lusth Winterzmaulz 6 219
Why is braums winrate only fair? Too Ton Too Ton 3 100
Favorite anime song?  ( 1 2 ) nunuman77 Evalexis 12 192
When your cable goes out Wanfear Splurged 1 52
I can't even play the new yasuo skin... Girugamesh93 Novas 9 288
Some Questions Regarding LCS Picks No God No God 2 80
Syndra ult should work like Heimerdinger's ult W NasusxRenek Yaoi NasusxRenek Yaoi 0 78
What are must have rune pages? Zulfiex Zulfiex 0 53
The reason you like e-sport Please be true Hayaishi 9 131
Holy sh*t! Dyrus didnt pick lulu! Tsm actually has a chance to win Rhymes W Hug Me Rhymes W Hug Me 0 85
stop calling ashe a trash tier champ  ( 1 2 ) Delimon chide da jungler 11 518
Gangplank ult rework idea Best Varus KR Best Varus KR 0 59
DYRONE tearing this family apart RevolutionFlow Brightinly 4 206
What's up with Blitzcrank?  ( 1 2 ) Y Bread Mold Rimora 10 236
Can we withdraw the NA teams from worlds? FlamingoFonTwo FlamingoFonTwo 0 45
Why are people complaining about soraka's rework?  ( 1 2 ) Punish This Hole CrazedPorcupine 19 530
If you think about it, all 3 games has been terrible for a final Eiki cscience 1 82
Does Zed's damage against shields still count for his ult damage? Akali is SO HOT Akali is SO HOT 3 205
Is it in the lcs contract that they have to pick lulu? Cuz theres no other explanatio Rhymes W Hug Me Rhymes W Hug Me 6 192
League and Netflix Noro BestScytherNA 3 81
Need Vi: Piltover's Princess Is My Drug ToxicWitness Supreme Evaine 5 148
League Basket ball team Velocious Level 8 Squirtle 1 44
While I generally consider Syndra to be completely balanced  ( 1 2 ) Domo Ahrigato OnIy Ahri 10 334
Legacy Legendary Sales thefenceturtle What is a Name 1 61
How do people play ranked? imprettyslick imprettyslick 3 87
Dyrus literally threw game 3 BY HIMSELF. Shi Ann Shi Ann 5 288
Bring Back Chaox 2014 FastBlueTurtle that nidaIee 1 73
how has dyrus not been benched yet?  ( 1 2 ) EpicYogurt B00tyWarriorr 10 310
All these Yasuos feed early so hard... KaiguraTalent KaiguraTalent 0 58
the project yasuo in my opinion OnIy Ahri OnIy Ahri 1 153
TSM Fans Militance AR Manimal 8 186
New streamer! Game starting now. Senor Towur Good Little Girl 3 63
bring back hotshotgg Please be true Please be true 0 52