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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 10) Romulus by truedog10 96 Riot Post 108,329
Rammus T_T BraveSouls by Norilaz 9 1,927
Lifeguard Taric! Laumos by Hullabaloo907 9 Riot Post 2,862
CowGirl MF: Possibly the Worst Skin that needs Rework pinkinfection by pinkinfection 9 2,837
Unavailable Skins Shorticus9 by Yalsh 9 4,702
Since Orianna patch: Odd sounds when engaging golems 0shi by Volney 9 Riot Post 28,324
Dark Candy Fiddlesticks ult Fastpaws by Fastpaws 9 1,678
Change the voice recording of drill Ashqelon by Ashqelon 9 4,235
Sona skin Pentakill Xel Meshif by Sorgens 9 16,651
Announcing Using Names of Champions Vaydur by MiriaJiyuu 9 1,821
Can't hear champion, and announcer audio. Slagged by DingoRabiit 9 Riot Post 5,460
Mafia Miss Fortune - Gun Sound Airglow by Airglow 9 Riot Post 4,583
I suggest altering Viktor's splash art. Alhazred The Mad by Alhazred The Mad 9 1,346
Thresh selection sound effect too loud Vash7395 by Warglebargle 9 Riot Post 3,059
Have you seen my bear Tibbers? Brian Moorman by Thugníficent 9 26,079
Ability Icons Discussion Skyhawke by Skyhawke 9 Riot Post 1,975
Random tower sounds when no enemy's are near IceLyinx by Elan Tedronai 9 Riot Post 3,046
The Announcer Sagr by DoN Gashash 9 21,286
Traditional Karma's animations and textures look weird after the change. HarryOrunitia by HarryOrunitia 9 1,637
Weird Sound Problems(Game is Unplayable) HYOSUNGS by HYOSUNGS 9 626
Who voiced Twitch? WulfyShadows by WulfyShadows 9 1,367
Steel Legion Garen has no impact particle for auto attacks Splinturt by Splinturt 9 7,979
Riot Pls Dont Mess With's Sion's... The Great Plum by The Great Plum 9 1,082
League of legends New dubstep!? Heyer Ninja by Heyer Ninja 9 Riot Post 3,823
LOL sound board Def2U by jettleg 9 5,842
@Musically-inclined Rioters: Where can I get your music? TheScarredBow by AlethiaArete 9 1,319
Morgana VU Suggestion @Riot RprShadow by Xarsious 9 3,351
Possible League of Legends art theft? OlmStranger by xHeimtechZX 9 1,787
@Any red in the Audio Department ChrisKalin by ChrisKalin 9 11,181
Diana/Leona Interaction Lawsmith by DarkLordNekrus 9 Riot Post 6,097
Riot: We need target playback device options PLEASE shiftyfied by Chislayer Osiris 9 2,174
Swain needs a visual update Zergii by Xhader 9 2,423
Female voice not inspiring batmanregresa by Ludak021 9 42,257
Vi and Caitlyn; Piltover's Finest:] lollizz by Maxillius 9 4,180
Detailed Karma Visual Feedback. BadgerDrool by BadgerDrool 9 1,141
Sound calibrated to wrong part of screen? Covenant by FlashB00M 9 Riot Post 42,633
Singed VU Pointy Rock by Pointy Rock 9 8,017
Quinn's model looks washed out. Prince Kassad by DEagleEye 9 Riot Post 1,684
How did you record Evelynn's Hate Spike & Agony's Embrace sounds? S0LANAR by sakakyu 9 Riot Post 5,259
What even IS Summoner's Rift? Dustinsanity by JaycePwn 9 2,408
MF's Default Splash Louvier by Louvier 9 704
Audio 'stuttering' since Talon patch Dreampod by goremote 9 Riot Post 11,224
Regarding Riven's new splash art... AbrahamBaconham by Dark Shinobi 93 9 1,204
RIOT may u please review Muse Sona xGsw by sweeetdream 9 Riot Post 1,576
Mods are Hypocrites kiloampbanisher by Kirvinn 9 524
Where to find sound files? Archyboy by valine1231 9 Riot Post 6,071
Skin Suggestion: French Maid Ahri KomiiTail by Katharcis 9 1,876
You guys did quality work with Monkey King. Lootsweeper by PhazedWarrior 9 Riot Post 15,059
Diana skin. OpsBlastoise by HANS1369 9 3,431
Annoying drumbeat in champion select IgnisDeus by Archterra 9 Riot Post 2,145
No in-game sound MMKH by MMKH 9 Riot Post 51,807