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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 10) Romulus by Obscene Law 93 Riot Post 89,734
Tundra Hunter Warwick New Effects? JLU6 by JLU6 2 415
Some 1350 skins really need some work or they should be 975 MarkedOfKane by Chuker34 2 361
Bug: AstroNautilus has the wrong icon for his W debuff IS15729ac22b02d27383e6e by IS15729ac22b02d27383e6e 2 626
Skins Bignmad by Bignmad 2 645
Aatrox dance is Killer Bee's Rap dance Scraftys by Watafool 2 644
@Grumpy Monkey, My Udyr V-upgrade Xarue by Xarue 2 496
Irelia Splash Art Dulden by Blue Eyed Kitten 2 659
New Jayce Skin..... Jayce Z Meetch2488 by Meetch2488 2 645
Wartune Using LoL Pics for publicity. tamahawks by Ditryglove 2 929
New Riven Splash in higher resolution? Xazzux by Xazzux 2 659
Bear Cav Sej Dance Soviet Sejuani by Diode 2 365
Replace art with Chinese Art (examples included) Jake789 by Warhero89 2 635
Malzahar - Shadow Prince SpiritReaper by Darky182 2 285
Viktor, the Machine Herald has been forgotten or not? Sterfold by Sterfold 2 417
Riot, Dat Ain't Heartseeker Vayne PRØTØMAN by Amourade 2 2,527
Dragonwing Corki's effect audio Gramitate by C3Sound 2 Riot Post 1,123
Kassadin model change suggestion. (sorry no art) Dulrau by Mod Dash 2 504
Troublesome Political Overtones Eserine by Eserine 2 557
I hate Darius notsohardcore by DianasGotSwag 2 589
remember the days of themed skins? Futureman707 by Grizzley117 2 601
Arch light varus blight stacks look too much like Zilien ult Greenhx by The Lexer 2 524
Sivir needs a remodel... <.< AdvanceWolf by Minty Hitomi 2 908
No new skin for Kha' ZIx? Here's an idea. ZeShamuel by ZeShamuel 2 472
Augmented Singed (Why Riot?) Zapfloch by Element Purple 2 882
Headhunter Rengar feedback Blackheartic by Thatdudejoshh 2 4,074
Shadow Prince Malzahar avResen by Wrenrock 2 1,072
Missing emote sound on Headhunter Nidalee florries mom by KHDragonn 2 Riot Post 1,091
Chinese Splash Art xXKrains123Xx by xXKrains123Xx 2 473
I wanna be a Riot Artist! Xarotic by Izzabelle 2 Riot Post 1,066
mechanical twitch skin (theme) PimpDaddyLuke by Vandal Twitch 2 527
WW skin Comet5o4 by Strategic Scout 2 437
Nocturne Tail Animation AaronSub by AaronSub 2 497
Hi-Res pack and in-game pic of skins... Bawles by Bakemonky 2 501
Limited Skins - What happened? SweetieBrella by SweetieBrella 2 707
What would you guys think about a Demonic skin set? Demonic Riven by lokiwanderer 2 419
Grumpy Monkey pls! Let's talk Soraka. florrie by dct2000 2 477
@Riot: Positive: Udyr Skin theatervoice by Roku66 2 Riot Post 1,065
Foxfire Ahri's skills art don't match her skin Elennali by Tobyaz 2 772
Primal Udyr Gankattk by Gankattk 2 345
Bear Cavalry Sejuani's enemies mark eMarrosu by Banana B1ast 2 308
New Diana Skin? livingwaterx11x by kitcat300 2 949
Panda teemo skin! XxAestheticsxX by Princess Chelsae 2 903
Forgotten Projects? Macrophiliac by Carmilia 2 372
Pokemon and shyvana?! Peepeewagons by AquaLance 2 491
Customizable login screen XxXyolomasterXxX by Kepter0 2 352
Lulu and Aatrox skin ExtremePrejudice by Luninareph 2 1,254
The new Sejuani rework and the Classic Bristle would be pure WIN CamoClad by MarkedOfKane 2 462
Bear Cavalry Sejuani ult readability Diode by DasBruce11 2 402
Shadow Evelynn Neferael by Squidd 2 704
More wallpapers for the needy pl0x (wallpaper request thread) WinterSpell by jm778 2 707