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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) Romulus by Thordarson 102 Riot Post 117,187
No announcer sound GalacticJack by KIINGTREY 7 Riot Post 5,085
Cyrocore Brand Bug THEUGLYONE57 by Wonton55 7 Riot Post 5,616
Lux skins Alice Kirisame by Alice Kirisame 7 230
To the Rioters who composed the menu themes. Orikan by Darkphare 7 Riot Post 1,566
No Sion sound effects? MajorPain9 by LenfaL 7 3,196
Heimeindiger (or something like that, the guy with towers) LearnThatNoob by LearnThatNoob 7 Riot Post 40,574
@Riot French Voice syNex02 by syNex02 7 11,495
New Buff Markers why R4D10FR33 by BR00DL0RD 7 359
Ahri Genie Skin (snsd) / Elise Flower Power Im Soshified by chozen arcangel 7 4,721
No announcer or champion voices Fight or Flight by Fight or Flight 7 Riot Post 3,936
In game sound issues hookaman by DingoRabiit 7 Riot Post 10,878
Cant hear Champions talking xWolfKing by sn0wwarrior 7 Riot Post 27,343
test Deathfairy by RoseApostle 7 Riot Post 3,951
New skin idea for Lux sweetmemories by sweetmemories 7 707
Return to Base Sound Bug Brandonwho by Cidolfus Bunansa 7 Riot Post 3,141
Fix Sona's /joke and /laugh please HatesuneFukyu by MCXL 7 Riot Post 15,217
No sound during gameplay. Laureno by 2 F4c3 7 Riot Post 20,773
Fan Music(In progress) from me to riot. oNeKo by LoreLes 7 4,610
Alternative Announcers? ElMelloi by Archer Shirou X 7 1,528
CANT TURN OFF sound in champion select Aiinna by N M S I S 7 Riot Post 8,057
Some champions really need a new splash screen (is just a suggestion) ForseikeR by Shuggendo 7 1,229
No first blood? Warrikon by Warrikon 7 10,486
Virtual Force Feedback Watafool by MelonBalla 7 Riot Post 15,661
Ree Sin is Boldelrine lasist. Applecyker by Centuros 7 42,480
@Riot: Music in Dominion bunnydoom by dragonlife29 7 Riot Post 6,362
@Reds, Give us back audio extraction! tehcookizguy by tehcookizguy 7 2,425
Where i can download nami's music theme? Lebrante by CFlickster 7 1,583
Game starts with no sound Eikona by RogueIII 7 11,898
Riven's voice Fatebinder by Vistiliath 7 13,001
Riot! We need epic battle music! Norrin Radd by Samurike 7 19,821
Dragon Tamer Lulu, the 1350RP problem. Xarahn by Kanderas 7 1,621
Where-to-get Champion Splash Art Donny Doom by kanacho 7 8,440
@Riot Ignoring players champions Exalted Banshee by Mirror of Erised 7 1,342
Sivir Model Rework PLEASE I BEG YOU. Kitty Kat Paws by Kisamier 7 811
Custom designed LOL music Rhjae by agzt 7 23,618
Chinese shadow evelynn skin Fluffum by Venova 7 Riot Post 1,609
Suggestion: Nocturne's Ult TreyAdwimar by TreyAdwimar 7 4,417
Skins with items Wolf J Kimblee by Wolf J Kimblee 7 1,326
sivirs look outdated xXzeldastepXx by KuroZastin 7 1,013
Sounds silent when not centered. HappyAndHazy by HappyAndHazy 7 Riot Post 27,221
Music Download MetalHarpey by bandgeek05 7 11,509
That crazy bong. MandyMemory by Valaraucar 7 Riot Post 3,998
background music too loud and not muting erubadhron256 by Choxie 7 Riot Post 2,550
Ranked song baltarog by pieman778 7 16,486
y change the login ? youwebaba by Ticklish Goat 7 Riot Post 2,268
Deleting specific sound files Im badHASS by BlobPower 7 2,494
Sound Problems MountEden by Hexpak 7 Riot Post 43,017
@Riot - who voices which champions? Whyumai by FlamingBlazie 7 5,468
Why is this game so very quiet? Malurth by unamedperson 7 37,140
Zombie brand XoPandaBearX by MercielagoTears 7 1,059