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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
Riot Post
Accepting summoners will to help? Krizalid Brando Krizalid Brando 0 1308
@Riot, A more serious attempt at regarding Chinese splash arts replacments.. Raleko Krizalid Brando 7 3087
@Rito The Cho splash. Lumataur Lumataur 0 1278
New Talon Skin? Nomabd Krizalid Brando 1 2422
I would personally prefer keeping the old dreadknight garen splashart. Philosopher Xys LolUrAPotato 2 1350
Taric VU? Amerlect Krizalid Brando 5 2798
The hair color of male champs. MisDerpina CHHO3 8 4724
Sheet music request DDalien DDalien 0 1224
Mecha Elise skin... Auturgist Auturgist 0 1263
New audio commentary on kills would be awesome syNth4tk Kurukette 5 34706
Mecha Kha'zix Vedettal Vedettal 0 1411
Crimson Akali Splash Provis 5omeone 3 1751
Tango Evelynn (with Tango TF) Splash Art Sharrabyte RevyBlackest 2 2128
Who really needs a new skin? This spreadsheet can tell you! Sharjo CreepahNerd3 3 2989
Taric VU - Bloodstone Krizalid Brando Zana Lyrander 5 3675
What color should i use for a veigar cosplay hair spray? Philosopher Xys Solnos 1 1414
I want a Vi login screensaver  ( 1 2 ) Shannon Dragamor Annubiz 16 7647
Poro in a Trophy Summoner Icon? Invisible Man Invisible Man 0 1764
Does Pentakill sound like Dragonforce? Marodox1 yourmominabox 1 1957
Soulstealer Vlad VA Skaiz Skaiz 0 1517
New thresh skin Amouris Amouris 0 1544
Riot, how come Soulstealer Vlad doesn't have nipples? Csero Archer Csero Archer 0 1533
Y u no rework morgana TheMightyGabriel Encrovian 1 1728
Wtf riot scorched earth renekton more like deathwing!!! THEBOYWHO KICKED deannaaaaaaa 5 2363
Le old christmas skins... Sohail316 JaycePwn 1 1427
Urgot... TheSilentDeath iRetribution 2 1697
Shadow Prince Malzahar Voidling deadlychuck ninja2057 2 2470
Not Satisfied w/NA Splasharts AdigaNart1 AdigaNart1 2 1719
What even IS Summoner's Rift? Dustinsanity JaycePwn 9 2524
I'm confused about skin lines JaycePwn JaycePwn 0 1371
Mecha & Lore Vertima Vertima 0 1476
Penta kill olaf? Wolkrye Wolkrye 0 1278
Teemo the devil DarthBlam DarthBlam 0 1430
Singed VU Pointy Rock Pointy Rock 9 8329
Feedback on new Sunfire Cape FX PlatinumRooster PlatinumRooster 0 1350
Mecha Aatrox Turbine MsH3ro XIIILelouchXIII 1 1451
Anyone else secretly hoping that Zed gets a new skin? Rifter7 Rifter7 3 2534
Trundle Splash Arts. Xrystus MedakaFeferi 1 2516
Colorblind mode for the match history online Narrr Narrr 0 1389
Legacy Skins asvpmillzy SgtPepperjack 1 2352
The Mecha Skins look EXACTLY like Starfox DJNess DJNess 0 1401
New Splash Art for EZREAL, Please! ZarisWhiteFoot Rawrful 3 2088
Please Bring back Art Spotlights FriendlyGarchomp Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu 1 1725
Concerning the Striker Lucian skin... BadCaseofDerpes BadCaseofDerpes 0 1490
I'm just gonna leave this here (Sion) Ephemeral Facade konbadtheslayer 1 1575
@Riot : Eve Visual Update -Succubus?? Samuel L Jaxx Samuel L Jaxx 1 1480
Skarner is a lobster Ager Agemo Samuel L Jaxx 2 2440
Glacial malphite or mecha malphite?? A1bros GLBuck 3 4612
Kennen - The forgotten ninja Black Kennen Black Kennen 0 1383
New Vi Skin? PPlague Krizalid Brando 1 1755