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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
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New Vayne Splash Art Cpt McFly LuckyBags 5 566
New Tristana Spash? Renniel LuckyBags 1 242
Vayne New champ select picture... IralaCaceres LuckyBags 2 251
Please remake the bad splasharts ritashavidenez ritashavidenez 0 162
Chrome Rammus Bug. The Blue Rooster I Poupon You 1 233
adding dates to legacy art to show when purchased freakface99 freakface99 0 150
Try to make mini map icons more readable the next time Ramaman Ramaman 0 165
Turret explosion? IIIPlasmaIII IIIPlasmaIII 0 147
Leprechaun Veigar Forgus Forgus 0 201
Teemo Picture From Art Feedback Chewy0914 Chewy0914 0 197
Magnificent Twisted Fate Metheus Metheus 0 194
How are these Splash Arts done? Solaris Yuna Solaris Yuna 3
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Traditional Skins, Other Ranting (SION) Squeeeee sxydrumr1 8 8667
Bug: Arcade Sona model smaller than every other Sona model falkenjeff falkenjeff 0 171
Urgot's "Butcher Urgot" skin no longer has intimidating chainsaw spin animation. hbx hbx 0 249
Random Summoner Icon 1337BobBarker Swiftpaw 3 257
Nightblade Irelia splash update on PBE Auramis skillpatrick 3 7224
Challenge! VelveteenRabbit skillpatrick 3 734
Headhunter Caitlyn Splash Merovengian Swiftpaw 2 259
Poll: Do you like the new Vayne splash art? JJJLLL Swiftpaw 4 516
My Regard to Gnar's Splash Cloudstorms Lord Mandible 1 545
Galactic Azir's sand soldiers are just recolors? The Reanimated The Reanimated 0 208
Bloodfury is ruined in my opinion Odin216 Odin216 0 144
Shyvana's new art bug? Soren Darkwater Soren Darkwater 0 130
Renekton TU Critique rasclatt rasclatt 0 155
How many ears does Ahri have? Psychromaniac Swiftpaw 8 5224
Morgana visual update? Daorack SkylarSans 3 970
Renekton VU? xTheft xTheft 0 165
Vayne loading screen looks pixelated. Ramaman Ramaman 0 154
I'm just gonna come out & say it. Spirit Guard Udyr should've been a Visual Update.  ( 1 2 3 ... 46 ) Celebi Whistle 1up 450 330662
When will Championship Thresh be available? Pyraetus Pyraetus 0 182
Badger Teemo Skin ShadowStar6 ShadowStar6 0 320
Lord Darius's eyes in splash StuffedTurkey007 StuffedTurkey007 0 141
Are Riot (Insert Champ Here) Skins only available during LCS? Ardin Catish Sejuani Bot 1 284
myrmidon pantheon question CottageCities CottageCities 0 140
WW BD Wilton Firefang Warwick 2 226
Final boss veigar. DeliriousMishap DeliriousMishap 0 154
Rammus has 2cd least visible ult StuffedTurkey007 StuffedTurkey007 0 182
Renekton skin health bar UnfairBear UnfairBear 0 193
Sion's artwork Blue Kentaloupe immortalibra 3
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Please Riot, update Morgana's splash Art MiggyMac24 MiggyMac24 0 271
Plz update the Shyvana splash art OrigamiBox Licking the Jinx 3 1214
Love all the new splash arts! Bumu Bumu 0 297
Arcade Jinx > MF aliceandsven Motajo 8 1941
Publicize Splash Art Stammer6 Stammer6 0 527
Senna's Gun in 1080p xRGod xRGod 0 526
Color Blind and Sona Littl Sparrow Azure Hamster 3 1463
I want the old aviator irelia skin back! ViolentDuck ViolentDuck 0 1564
Loading Screen: The ugliest thing in LOL jsgnextortex 2WhiteAndNerdy 1 749
Chinese Splash is way better than NA Capt LongRange Capt LongRange 0 524