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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
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Kayle's Loading Screen... Jon Arbuckle Jon Arbuckle 0 149
To the creator of Orianna's new splash art Diablo Dolphin Diablo Dolphin 0 356
Materials on new textures From Europe From Europe 0 168
Load Screen Art TheUltimateLife Dragoon14th 1 181
Desperada Cassi no longer matches splash art Cadfan CMLStark 1 201
Summoner Icons vs. Splash Art BlueDragon002 SkylarSans 1 209
New Sand Particles of Azir/ Give it to old champs KabutoRaiger Silverwinds 4 334
Baphomet Symbol on The Loading Screen? Evil Annie Bot 420 Shrek It 1 180
the new ascension mode MOONMO0N MOONMO0N 0 187
My VU ideas for Riot design team. Concept Xarue immortalibra 1 303
Making Dynamic Summoner Icons ozotojc ozotojc 0 149
Victorious Skins: A Complaint Blind Tarot GenesisAraceli 9 4742
Art Spotlights, please! Akali Probably Akali Probably 0 136
The Shurima Sivir picture.... Swiftpaw Swiftpaw 0 241
Sivir Image EraseThis EraseThis 0 176
Renekton Texture Issue. Strong Arm Jimmy Strong Arm Jimmy 0 168
New Renekton Splash An Evil Force An Evil Force 0 147
Miss Fortune: 7 skins; Fiora: 3 Iltrovatore SkylarSans 4 1325
Original full res splashes? TastyMmmYum TastyMmmYum 8 241
Project, Mecha, Battlecast GedweyStenr Dedotaded 5 297
Galactic Azir Splash too purple. Morrivar Morrivar 0 222
Firefighter Tristana idea xWORSTxPLAYERxNA xWORSTxPLAYERxNA 0 173
Skins and power icons... Ardin Catish Ardin Catish 0 129
Your personal "least favourite character design" champions.  ( 1 2 ) Ace RaZorbladeZ FrostFire94 11 1036
Regarding Mr. Mundoverse deablo502 deablo502 0 169
New Xin Zhao Splash Art Trucklos Trucklos 5 7904
New Akali Splash Art Feedback Thread DarkTortoise cataphrat12 2 1159
Shadow Prince Malzahar should have gold-white particles as it depicts in the splash Classic Cole ZER0theKamikaze 1 195
Visual Updates xTheft ZER0theKamikaze 2 236
Akali's New Splash Art! RemusNeo Xarue 9 1018
Alien Invader Heimerdinger Hufflepuff Hufflepuff 1 250
Splash Discussion  ( 1 2 3 ... 23 ) RiotSilver HotKnife 224
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Reroll Dice in ARAM are Wrong Kurukette kettledekorn 1 1573
Final Boss Veigar Art TheIvyX TheIvyX 0 175
Karma Skin Splash Updates? xDarkxMagicianx xDarkxMagicianx 0 168
The splash art for the new Victorious skin youngoween DarkTortoise 4 405
Commando Garen Splash update (side Ruthless Pantheon rant) OBRN OBRN 0 186
Yo Riot: Kennen Particles Daarashar immortalibra 3 194
Final Boss Veigar - The only thing missing... Vlainstrike DarkTortoise 1 253
morgana's default model looks so boring Bowen8 Bowen8 0 200
Kennen needs a new base splash art TeemoRAGESmurf TeemoRAGESmurf 0 376
Why are Akali's thighs so big in the splash art??? DarkTortoise RemusNeo 1 280
tryndamere demonblade skin HEllOMySummoner HEllOMySummoner 0 160
Missing black border on Vayne's icon! CircusT4ffy CircusT4ffy 0 161
Question to the designers of Final Boss Veigar and his resemblance to a certain celeb GodzillaMagnum Ragingpuma 8 4857
Is it just me or is vel koz's default skin WAY better than his battlecast skin? SkarnerScorpion SkarnerScorpion 0 220
I think it's time we give Shaco a fresh coat of blood. MaskedTheory JamesTheSniper 1 1461
Need new skins for Shaco SousiSaiyan JamesTheSniper 5 1794
Akali VU RemusNeo RemusNeo 3 283
Victorious skin artwork stages? JeffreyV JeffreyV 0 166