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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) Romulus by Thordarson 102 Riot Post 117,497
ahri needs a new skin because you better run run run run xXzeldastepXx by xXzeldastepXx 0 446
Difference between Full Metal, Hextech, and Battlecast skins. Mister Awesome11 by Yolo McSwagerson 2 1,269
Please make Xerath skin CruxEnigma by CruxEnigma 0 308
New portraits for Caitlyn and Taric   ( 1 2) SirButtplug by EamonSloane 15 Riot Post 1,845
Fiora's Art wootz is souless by LiHengTai 2 404
Twisted Treeline music is spot on UrQuan by yukaras 8 908
Headless Hecarim is awesome. Jortalus by AquaDragon42 1 283
Maokai's Q Spell Effect spicyurn by spicyurn 4 Riot Post 1,224
Maokai's Revive Animation. Fell14043 by Mister Awesome11 1 539
Warlord Shen's sashimono could use some work. Tipttt by Tipttt 0 662
Elise looks and sounds too much like Zyra Aqualisk by Timid 3F 3 520
death blossom elise art is ugly Angels Feather by Love of Evelynn 4 657
New annie skin tehfisherman by tehfisherman 0 431
Underworld Twisted Fate Death Animation Concept CyberOmega666 by Saeder 4 482
any posts made on the original audio feedback don't go to the first page Caeyl by Caeyl 0 293
Lulu Login Music redhead1183 by Misentro 2 640
Riot I believe you will be disappointed in the sales of Zombie Brand guptee by Misentro 1 280
Ingame champion portraits   ( 1 2) Surfer Ahri by Misentro 10 Riot Post 2,482
So, now that Dominion and Twisted Treeline both have sweet tracks... TheFinalAeon by Misentro 2 264
Rocket Girl Tristana Sound Effects Hblazer by LGZedX 6 786
Idea for Ward Skins in the Future Xanthus730 by lagNZ 2 302
No Karthus skins? Angels Feather by Westlin 1 288
Re: That Elise login screen DoozleDorf by Mornan 1 406
S2 Championship champ select music. And it was K by And it was K 2 102
Stop breakin' lady spines. Cresend by Daemon 8 226
Headless Hecarim Splash Art Faayee by Little Leech 6 176
Zombie Brand's Taunt HideGoSeek by Angels Feather 1 332
Lux skins Alice Kirisame by Alice Kirisame 7 231
Rocket Girl Tristana Tyni Tim by Mutoso 1 317
@Bitsplosion: Since you said you'd be lurking, let's talk slow particles   ( 1 2) KultoDeSkaro by HerbaNoctis 12 Riot Post 1,689
Udyr Skins Skaithak by redhead1183 1 174
Zombie Brand's Animations Vanblod by redhead1183 2 355
@Riot Art and Sound Folks Zetasphere by Zetasphere 0 246
vlads new splash is better than most of his skins svew by Egotistical DSO 2 243
Big problem with ward skins: you can't see them! FABIOForever by FABIOForever 0 396
How to Find Iin-Game Sound Effects? Hohumhurrdurr by greenleaflink 1 1,044
pantheon ult on new twisted treeline ChronicApathy123 by ChronicApathy123 0 440
This whole buff when a new skin comes out thing needs to stop.   ( 1 2) Leahxcore by Needles K 14 Riot Post 2,096
Changing Headmistress Fiora Art? IbukiEcho by Stark Midnight 4 306
Question for the audio team Mornan by Mornan 0 504
1080p version of new Vlad splash Avo345 by Youkai Zone 1 193
I really like the new music for TT Silent Reaper by Silent Reaper 2 Riot Post 639
Katarina Darth Ninjaz by Darth Ninjaz 0 272
Can we get Evelynn's initial Agony's Embrace sound back? Zerglinator by Luninareph 2 83
Lux of the North Luninareph by Luninareph 2 247
Vlad's new splash is cool, but the icon doesn't fit his character BelligerentGnu by Trenith 1 284
@Praeco Lyrics for the Championship Music Yohan Leafheart by Yohan Leafheart 1 65
Please tell me Ezreal is on the list of splash updates XiaoFeiPang by Leahxcore 1 195
Vayne's ulti GhostMetal2 by photonphlex 1 165
Space Pirate Gangplank - Now with real orbital lasers! VanIsleKnight by Fell14043 1 202