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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
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@Riot Please revert change of Traditional Karma The Insane Pooplooser1 1 501
Language should be independent of region! Chenanzu Mondreus 1 546
Time to update Udys art/skins Adun Abstrusus Adun Abstrusus 1 462
@Riot and @"Can we have ____ champ?" threads, This is what we REALLY need...  ( 1 2 3 ... 24 ) Celebi The Insane 233 13727
Using Leauge of Legends Community PinkPepsi PinkPepsi 0 530
Bloodfury SexyHammer SexyHammer 0 386
Sheen should get Blue particles to distinguish it from Nunu's Blood Boil! Ginga Yalmic 5 1168
Sorceress Lux splash might need a re-up GhuneBeast Motajo 1 514
Quinn Skin Idea: Dragonwing Quinn SoulMusic51 SashaT 1 761
Stolen Brand Image GrimRed SashaT 4 819
Full Metal Panth oGuinno oGuinno 0 317
Sakura Karma needs rework. Plus comment on voice and dance. Krysosphalte Loskents 1 640
Zilean's Chronoshift Ult: Make it easier to see? Snowsprite Snowsprite 0 321
New Draven Skin vSnLoozer vSnLoozer 0 323
We need a remake of Evelyn's model and splash arts!!! OneU ShoudntKill Naked Malzahar 3 892
Why does Malzahar's model show his chest? moogle890 Naked Malzahar 4 453
Please Update Nunu Splash? TKOxContagious TKOxContagious 0 346
Can we change the sounds ? C7820 SpankyJ 8
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Option To Disable All Background Animation Chewy0914 Chewy0914 0 481
Zac's voice Sheriff Earp Luninareph 1 747
Kha'Zix Rodan2000 Rodan2000 0 320
What was reason behind Dark Valkyrie Helmet Removal? Did people even like it? LastLaughLol Sheriff Earp 3 542
Very disappointed with the ZAC design Zyrxil DalisDL 5 1076
Excellent Job on Skins!!!!!! Imcoming Imcoming 0 311
iBlitzcrank m2o Helyous 1 576
Quinn Skin Feedback Ancro Ancro 0 429
I call BS on Headhunter Nid Splashart!!! Eggroll9000 Eggroll9000 0 454
Morgana's game model Danica1708 Moun7 1 361
Zac's skin isn't up to par with other skins. Overlordrauz Overlordrauz 0 433
Never Ending Fireworks Anais Anais 0 411
HeadHuntress Nid Pounce Fate0 Fate0 0 317
@Riot, RE: Sion's Visuals Outdated? angelanihilation angelanihilation 0 247
Request: Nami's new skin idea. Honeyxmoon Honeyxmoon 0 352
Headhunter Nidalee's Javelin Imapct Sound viperesque viperesque 0 467
New general ping sound. BloodLikeIce BloodLikeIce 0 330
Karma And Her Skins Neumann Neumann 0 288
Champion Footsteps Lord Diplo swedish fish FTW 1 311
Bloodlord Vladimir movement quotes messed up again egoiste Lynch 2 865
Regarding Karma's "new" Classic skin Stuticus Seikon 1 804
In General, Splash Art Production Time blaZofgold Suibuku 1 299
Sounds KrazyK KrazyK 0 358
[Summoners Rift] [Critical] When I press, mouse over or use ult, screen froze! Ranj0e Ranj0e 0 263
Head Huntress Nidalee xDialtone xDialtone 0 395
yugioh-Twisted Fate minitep Psycho Pretzel 2 563
Tango Evelynn OnyxRoses IS1447b508835eb5 2 821
I am fiddlesticks. Give me pumpkin head. DarkCandyFiddles DarkCandyFiddles 0 307
We want the limited edition skin that no longer exist Roar of Legend MemoryLapse 3 870
Streaming with chickssssss. ChelleAstro ChelleAstro 0 232
Quinn's art. RtMbot Zyrxil 8 1107
Orianna's E sounds unsatisfying Lordnewb Lordnewb 2 455