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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!  ( 1 2 3 ... 11 ) Romulus Thordarson 102
Riot Post
Will the Reworked Champions get new splash arts? Lord Morgan Championshp Pony 1 737
News Visuals And Splash arts Nem Vem q SouNub Nem Vem q SouNub 0 547
Riot: We need target playback device options PLEASE shiftyfied Chislayer Osiris 9 2372
Bloodstone Lissandra's Mouth/Face is too bright Watafool XSilentSinX 1 673
Rework me AuntieJemima AuntieJemima 0 564
refund RP FqJason Atik L Yar 1 520
wats been happening with riot games? Uhm Ok Wow levistyle 1 494
A change in champion pictures. DokuKarasu DokuKarasu 0 523
Lets face it. Sivir needs a new model. Gundorix Sesilan 3 546
Give Astronautilus the audio effects Teemo has MasterEvilAce SlayerNarwhal99 1 700
Stinger Akali Devan Devan 2 558
Free skin competition!! EMPEROR SCOTTY Z EMPEROR SCOTTY Z 0 476
Skin ideas BRODA00 The Phantom oath 8 1143
What is the price change of Masked Shaco? sleeplessSAM Devan 1 476
Ward skins? Findoglorian Findoglorian 2 586
Karma dress and voice Jinfan PixelPurge 1 799
Riot Games Inc. Revenue 2012 lisoyt lisoyt 0 901
Jayce Knockback Timings Demacry Demacry 0 431
Kassadin Skin INFVenom XSilentSinX 4 1437
Sivir art Yaksha3 XSilentSinX 1 513
Steel Legion Lux, Underworld TF, iBlitzcrank and now Dark Ice Anivia. natrol MetalMichael 1 526
Please help me if you can Riot! UnwantedGinger UnwantedGinger 0 366
Charity Urf skin to help dying manatees Kenyard ChronoCoronar 7 1461
Exiled Morgana particles clash with the skin That Other Guy That Other Guy 0 434
Traditional Karma's voice and Frost Queen Janna's particles Aubalt Aubalt 0 498
I can't react to iBlitzcrank's hook ReturnOfSanta yandelenka 3 658
New epic lol livestream SETHAROTH SETHAROTH 0 408
Summoners Rift (Audio Feedback) BlackSkyrim BlackSkyrim 0 418
Any chance we'll see LoL stuff on Spotify? HideGoSeek HideGoSeek 0 410
SUBTITLES in the tutorial please. Wolfechain Wolfechain 0 781
Anti-Aliasing & Texture Filtering Fighterboy89 MasterEvilAce 2 1046
The problem with Dragon Trainer Lulu Ellidibs MasterEvilAce 1 811
Sejuani Zipzy Pwninja 1 435
Visual cues on Baron health jimit Stego Rawr 1 458
An idea that might make the price changes more popular. Atik L Yar Atik L Yar 1 507
It's been 4 months (1 year...haha....) since Battlecast Prime Cho'gath shadooklaw Sgt Slapnuts 3 1191
help me plz aug is the boss aug is the boss 0 398
Master Yi, Nunu, Kayle, ect. GET RID OF THOSE UGLY TRIANGLES. A Master Heimer A Master Heimer 0 544
Riot Squad Leona idea nusabi Delvan Krall 1 453
Changeable Login Screen? Gankie Gankie 0 418
[Report] Audio Copyright Infringement Princequus Princequus 0 445
In Game Voice evzu 13 evzu 13 0 436
show Yorick some love? flb16 flb16 0 384
Nerd Lux skin MultisensoryAE Delvan Krall 1 660
ANOTHER STOLEN SPLASH: Janna's this time. owlmazing Delvan Krall 2 631
Zac in bushes LickiddySplitt BRODA00 1 431
Fallen Angel Morgana Skin Question Adonna Adonna 0 476
Xerath Skin Question Iheartminecraft Iheartminecraft 0 410
Wild Wild Thresh skin idea Dr X Dr X 0 537
Silverfang Akali Splash Art Change please! Shadebourne Shadebourne 0 464