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VISUAL UPDATE & ART Splash the Salvation by the Salvation 0 2,021
An idea worth sharing Exiled Jolteon by Exiled Jolteon 0 1,835
Why do they make the metal pieces on champion skins look like plastic Raxxxus by Raxxxus 1 2,461
Role Icons, Summoner Icons? Auxilia by Auxilia 3 7,779
Mecha Aatrox Splash Art Draygen by DeathCloudSan 2 2,830
Match History visual layout is confusing Dave Straider by Dave Straider 0 1,902
Is there a new lux Sorceress splash in the works? cataphrat1234 by cataphrat1234 0 1,925
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Champion/Skin Art Wallpapers Hrevor Tenders by SilverBeard 1 3,053
Mecha Aatrox Ultimate sword bug. Devil May Carry by Devil May Carry 0 1,788
Xerath Battlecast, is it going to be revamped or is it going to stay the same? Korusho by Korusho 0 1,792
Gnar splash feedback Philosopher Xys by Philosopher Xys 0 1,963
Revert Debonaire Vi's hair back to original PBE status. IntenseOrcChasm by Splashboy 1 2,699
Collegiate Summoner Icons Oldark by PercyJax 1 2,403
About the Women   ( 1 2) MacDthree by ElfOnTheLake 19 4,051
Which officer skin is the hottest? Caitlyn vs. Vi Ancient Paladin by Foolish Lantern 1 1,729
New Caitlyn Art Homosexual Star by Homosexual Star 5 2,378
An Updated Viktor Splash? Oakoi by Oakoi 0 1,621
Guqin Sona Recolor Issues Adonna by Adonna 0 1,545
Fiddlesticks Concept V.U. XxJohnnyOxX by Bowlcut of Armin 1 1,698
Atlantean Syndra Baal Haded by Bowlcut of Armin 5 4,540
How rare are these mystery skins? Crate by Bob The Sheriff 1 1,673
I'd like to request a splash art change to Sivir or Leona beeyhindyou by beeyhindyou 0 1,447
Grim Reaper Karthus... not a skeleton? Bob The Sheriff by Bob The Sheriff 0 1,385
Need a fat female champ.   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Toadsuck by Homosexual Star 32 Riot Post 10,410
Mecha Aatrox Not Worth TSM Nobody by TSM Nobody 5 1,757
Jax Mask Wire-frame - A New Dawn cinematic Ikimono by Ikimono 0 1,264
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Renekton VU? Thebombisthebomb by Bowlcut of Armin 3 2,305
World Cup skins wallpaper? Shinspikes by Shinspikes 0 1,179
Some thoughts (Debonair skins, hopes on the future and etc) Krizalid Brando by DarkKat48 2 1,874
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Anivia: Visual Update and New Splash Slushi Simcambi by Pointy Rock 1 1,194
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Void Vs Yordles next Cinematic please Ticklebuddy by Ticklebuddy 0 1,150
Ezreal skin idea SpecterKite by Twin Blade K 4 3,363
why has the login page been braum for two months? iPuff Kush by Bioness 2 1,267
The next cinimatic... SkarnerScorpion by SkarnerScorpion 0 1,193
Mecha Aatrox complaint? (I guess) 69ArianaGrande69 by Inertial Mage 2 1,481
Masked Shaco is a HUGE letdown Cookiedude42 by Cookiedude42 0 1,213
Blast Zone Heimerdinger should not change Minaho by Minaho 0 1,255
Frost Fire Annie Rework? Hishoukitai by Hishoukitai 0 1,251
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Morgana Rework ExtremePrejudice by EzFight 7 3,867
Lollipoppy... Snure by EzFight 2 1,737
We should be able to buy skins without owning champ. DarkChampion12 by DarkChampion12 0 1,273
Jinx needs a real skin Wiskers by Wiskers 2 1,294
lucian/fiora relation lorelias by SecretLore 2 3,000