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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Art and Audio Feedback Forum!   ( 1 2 3 ... 11) Romulus by Thordarson 102 Riot Post 115,996
Shadow Prince Malzahar should have gold-white particles as it depicts in the splash Classic Cole by ZER0theKamikaze 1 125
Visual Updates xTheft by ZER0theKamikaze 2 124
Summoner's Rift Detailed Art feedback   ( 1 2 3 ... 58) jsgnextortex by Frightened Toast 571 Riot Post 326,521
Akali's New Splash Art! RemusNeo by Xarue 9 568
Alien Invader Heimerdinger Hufflepuff by Hufflepuff 1 147
Splash Discussion   ( 1 2 3 ... 23) RiotSilver by HotKnife 224 Riot Post 85,347
Reroll Dice in ARAM are Wrong Kurukette by kettledekorn 1 1,441
Final Boss Veigar Art TheIvyX by TheIvyX 0 113
Karma Skin Splash Updates? xDarkxMagicianx by xDarkxMagicianx 0 99
The splash art for the new Victorious skin youngoween by DarkTortoise 4 224
Commando Garen Splash update (side Ruthless Pantheon rant) OBRN by OBRN 0 87
Yo Riot: Kennen Particles Daarashar by immortalibra 3 128
Final Boss Veigar - The only thing missing... Vlainstrike by DarkTortoise 1 190
morgana's default model looks so boring Bowen8 by Bowen8 0 105
Kennen needs a new base splash art TeemoRAGESmurf by TeemoRAGESmurf 0 99
Why are Akali's thighs so big in the splash art??? DarkTortoise by RemusNeo 1 163
tryndamere demonblade skin HEllOMySummoner by HEllOMySummoner 0 97
Missing black border on Vayne's icon! CircusT4ffy by CircusT4ffy 0 97
Question to the designers of Final Boss Veigar and his resemblance to a certain celeb GodzillaMagnum by Ragingpuma 8 4,666
Is it just me or is vel koz's default skin WAY better than his battlecast skin? SkarnerScorpion by SkarnerScorpion 0 119
I think it's time we give Shaco a fresh coat of blood. MaskedTheory by JamesTheSniper 1 1,405
Need new skins for Shaco SousiSaiyan by JamesTheSniper 5 1,719
Akali VU RemusNeo by RemusNeo 3 163
Victorious skin artwork stages? JeffreyV by JeffreyV 0 102
New Vayne Splash Art Cpt McFly by LuckyBags 5 429
New Tristana Spash? Renniel by LuckyBags 1 153
Vayne New champ select picture... IralaCaceres by LuckyBags 2 160
Please remake the bad splasharts ritashavidenez by ritashavidenez 0 120
Chrome Rammus Bug. The Blue Rooster by I Poupon You 1 141
adding dates to legacy art to show when purchased freakface99 by freakface99 0 95
Try to make mini map icons more readable the next time Ramaman by Ramaman 0 96
Turret explosion? IIIPlasmaIII by IIIPlasmaIII 0 100
Leprechaun Veigar Forgus by Forgus 0 101
Teemo Picture From Art Feedback Chewy0914 by Chewy0914 0 140
Magnificent Twisted Fate Metheus by Metheus 0 127
How are these Splash Arts done? Solaris Yuna by Solaris Yuna 3 Riot Post 6,367
Traditional Skins, Other Ranting (SION) Squeeeee by sxydrumr1 8 6,119
Bug: Arcade Sona model smaller than every other Sona model falkenjeff by falkenjeff 0 107
Urgot's "Butcher Urgot" skin no longer has intimidating chainsaw spin animation. hbx by hbx 0 141
Random Summoner Icon 1337BobBarker by Swiftpaw 3 122
Nightblade Irelia splash update on PBE Auramis by skillpatrick 3 4,910
Challenge! VelveteenRabbit by skillpatrick 3 690
Life Like Graphics and Other Chewy0914 by Chewy0914 0 182
Headhunter Caitlyn Splash Merovengian by Swiftpaw 2 187
Poll: Do you like the new Vayne splash art? JJJLLL by Swiftpaw 4 282
My Regard to Gnar's Splash Cloudstorms by Lord Mandible 1 490
Online Status on chat Nekosaur by Nekosaur - -
Galactic Azir's sand soldiers are just recolors? The Reanimated by The Reanimated 0 134
Bloodfury is ruined in my opinion Odin216 by Odin216 0 100
Shyvana's new art bug? Soren Darkwater by Soren Darkwater 0 93